Dual Rear Diagonal mounting & ground clearance

Ordered SK3 6374’s before i realized they are too long for dual rear mounting. Decided to do a Dual Rear Diagonal mount instead. It requires some drilling of the Torqueboard truck mount, but I can get clearance above the bottom of the hanger with both motors. My question is what are the minimum recommended clearances for the ground and for the rest of the truck?

Shown here loose mounted with 97mm wheels.


Did you give this a shot? I’m curious about this setup as well, it doesn’t look like it’s been tried much

@Weirdboards Did you go with this configuration? It’s kind of cool looking and would be powerful as hell.

Ended up switching to single mount as the one motor was more than enough. Belt drive was a bit lacking tho so I switched to a chain drive and welded the mount to the truck. But winter…so I haven’t been able to try the new configuration out yet.

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is this the latest statement? please give us some information, why was the belt drive lacking? not enough torque transmission? i am thinking about this setup and i need some infos…

Torque overload was stripping the belts. Went through a couple before I decided to switch to the chain. Chain works great, but be prepared to shore up other parts of your build as the chain does not fail, regardless of the torque, so that stress gets transferred to other parts (like the motor mount screws vibrating out, or the drive shaft mount screw losing grip). Some winter Welding and loc-tite should have fixed that, but I am on east coast and have to wait for the spring thaw to find out for sure.