Dual receivers with torqueboards nano remote

I somehow fried my last two 4.12 VESC’s while setting up CANBUS connection. I spent hours reading the threads about CANBUS vs. split ppm, and it would appear the issue is still unresolved. I just received my repaired VESCs and am still trying to put together a dual build. I happen to have an extra receiver for my nano remote. I know it’s possible to run to receivers with the mini remote and the GT2b. Does anyone know if that will work with the Nano?

But why you just don’t use canbus or ppm? You definitely wired something wrong if neither of those doesn’t work.


i also fried one of my vesc from torqueboards, did everything to the letter as diyelectricskateboard manual suggested. Torqueboard vesc fried and maytech vesc still going strong. Will contact diyelectricskateboard on monday…

I get that vesc fries using FOC or user error but i swear i did nothing wrong and it still fried, cheap components? Manufacture fault?

I fried both VESCs through the CANBUS - diyelectric informed me that there is an occasional recurring problem with their CANBUS connections on 4.12 VESC and replaced both VESC for a lower price. I don’t want to connect via the CANBUS again with these boards. I was going to do split ppm, but apparently there is a lot of resistance to that idea from Vedder himself. Using two receivers seems like a great solution to me for redundancy and simplicity.

Split ppm is perfectly safe on Vesc 4 Just be sure to cut the red wire from one of the Vescs and power the receiver by one Vesc. And set them both up as masters. I have been running this setup since day 1 with never an issue.


Hey guys, it’s ok to talk publicly about problems with hardware but publicly complaining about vendors is not ok Please keep this in mind when posting here.

Using canbus is risky. If the 2 Vescs don’t power up at the same instant, poof. If the canbus connection isnt 100% solid, poof. If you don’t get the settings just right, poof. This is why I don’t use canbus and why I recommend using split ppm or dual receiver instead

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When you have a canbus issue, it may fry only one Vesc.

Thats correct, it was the slave vesc (torqueboards) that got the DRV fault. All settings was correct and wires was properly seated.

I want all the features canbus gives… Ability to use the METR app and switch modes and such.

I agree with @Namasaki . Just like you @Da_gree , the first time i tried to set up my dual motors i connected by canbus and ended up blowing a drv chip (because i didnt set it up correctly)… after my repair i ended up using a split ppm connector with no problem

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Didnt know this was a issue… so i have to sacrifice all the canbus features, live data , mode switch to get reliability?

Apologies if that was directed at me. The vendor treated me very well, and I’m perfectly happy with the outcome.

It was not directed at you.

You can still get live data from one Vesc Which is what I do and it’s good enough for me. As for adjustments and modes , you could stil do that by having 2 modules, one for each Vesc and just connect to each one separately to make adjustments. I know it’s somewhat redundant but it would be dependable.

But it still seems that most people use canbus with no issues, I have no idea what caused mine to blow. It must be manufacture fault, I mean what settings would cause it to blow?

Your not the first to have issues with canbus. There are other threads with accounts of this. Canbus is just risky in an esk8 application where vibration and bumps are a problem. The connector can work loose and cause a failure. It may not happen in all cases but it is always a possibility.

I can guarantee all connectors was seated so what setting can cause the issue? Just can’t be random?

Just because they are fully seated doesn’t guarantee that the little male pins are fitting tightly in the little female receptacles Also if both Vescs don’t boot up at exactly the same time it can cause a canbus failure. And the settings: You have to assign a a controller id to each vesc Only one of them has multiple esc’s over can checked And only one of them has send status over can checked And it matters which one has each though I can’t remember which.

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@Namasaki - I do not sell maytech VESCs. Just FYI :slight_smile:

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Everything was correct, promise you.

If you use ppm split then you have to set up the controller on each vesc with the exact same settings (values input min and max etc) right? Except that one can have ppm + uart.