Dual setup SK3 - 6354-260kv Enertion 12mm setup

Hi there fellow builders, i am having some difficulties finding a suitable truck for a double Sk3-6354-260kv setup. I am going to be using a 12mm pulley system and motor mount from Enertion. and if possible i want the motors to be on the same side. Using a 180mm truck won’t go as there is purely not enough place for both motors to sit on the same side. any help would be highly appreciated… thanks in advice.

it will be tight but should work. I know 9mm works. and tb is selling dual drive with 12mm so i don’t see why not.

I just bought r-specs and I try if they fit with 12mm belts. If I calculated it right there should be 1mm gap between motors with my setup.

yes true. Enertions double setup uses 9mm but i want 12 mm. using a 180mm truck does not work…so looking for something suitable

can you please give me a link. I would like to take a look at it :smiley:

@susplus I have a dual sk3 260 6354 set up on caliber 10" trucks using 2 9mm belts but there is not a whole lot of room left. You’ll need at least another 6mm on top of this aet up minimum just to fit the belts plus clearance. This is the space between my motor which is just shy of 10mm so you should be able to if you get everything really close to each other. This is using the 3D printed kegel pulleys, not the enertion pulleys so I don’t know if your dimensions will add up the same as mine.

You’ll have to place the motor pulley like this as well to help save space on the inside, with the hub facing out. I used a cereal box cardboard shim to space the motor pulley from the motor mount to get it as tight as possible. And even I had issues with spacing afterwards like getting the motors into the space betweend since I mounted the mounts first. You can easily avoid that but mounting the motors before you put the mounts onto the truck.

Hope that helps.

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thanks for the info. looks like you have enough clearance. Sadly the enertion pulleys are a bit different and they add a few mm to the setup making a 180mm truck impossible to use with a dual setup ( motors on the same side)

what kind of battery are you using and what is the overall speed and distance that you get from this setup ?

@ThomasRBK look at the SK3 protection :wink: simple and efficient :wink:

Well I made my own battery pack using Samsung 25R cells and it’s an 8S6P set up. I’ve taken it now up to 40km/h which is 25mph which more than enough for me. I can zoom to class in an instant basically. Though on campus I’m averaging more around the 20km/h or 12.5mph range because people are unpredictable and someone’s gonna jump out and do something completely unexpected. My range is about 43km or 27miles.

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I was actually going to put heat shrink around them! But I didn’t have the right size so electrical tape it is for now :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

watch out for heat :wink: battery 8s6p what about A/h ?

15Ah. I’ve checked them after ride so far and at worst you may consider them to be warm to the touch. It’s also like 6 degrees C outside so that helps keep it cool in the mornings.

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What did you use to protect your motors? Can you send some pics? And if you’re at it a screenshot of your vesc settings? :wink:

look up thomas…there are pictures already posted

Yeah but I don’t see what it is :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t know if it’s tape or something else and how he protected the vents.

:)) regular tape …

Its just electrical tape though I will be replacing that for heat shrink at some point in time… And yeah these are my settings but I have to adjust the motors up to 45 or 50A. Same for motor regen since I think and now can confirm the breaking a little softer then accelerating but forgot what I had set. I feel though I’m kinda digging the overall performance so far.

You got me concerned about the heat issue but I just did like 2km at about 30km/have on my way to campus and checked them and they aren’t warm to the touch. I did wait like 30 seconds to get inside to my locker before checking them but even then I don’t think that played a huge role.

just keep an eye on them :wink: change the following: max input voltage: 57 V battery cutoff start: 29.6v battery cutoff end: 27.2 v ( 3.4 v per cell should be the lowest value to reach. As you have put it: 3v per cell- is way to low and will damage the battery )

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