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Dual Tacon 245kv | VESC/HobbyKing X Car Beast 150 | 15/32 Gearing | $400

I’ve finally decided to create my own build after looking at all of yours. For my motor im considering going with either a tacon or 260kv sk3.(trying to run dual rear). My esc will be either a vesc or hobbyking x car beast 150. I decided to go with a 15/32 5mm pitch gearing ratio, and i have caliber trucks with 83mm clone flywheels to go with my 37 inch bamboo deck. Im trying to keep the cost low so around 400 dollars can’t really afford to make any errors with money being tight. Could really use input on parts chosen. Btw im in california and its basically all uphills and downhills where I live.

I tried to make your title a bit nicer. Change anything else if you want to.

haha thanks btw if i used this bms ( would I just have to plug in my balance cable to the outlet

Dual Tacon BF 245’s won’t fit as a dual rear setup on caliber trucks (unless you plan on doing a dual diagonal setup). You’ll need at least 195mm trucks. I plan on doing a build with dual Tacon BF 245’s as well. @psychotiller recommends randal clones. That’s what I plan to get, just waiting for @psychotiller to having randal clamps for his motor mounts.

i was thinking of going one randal and one caliber truck

@willpark16 to keep costs down you should attempt a single motor build to begin with. Dual drive means two escs, two motors, more battery power, and two drivetrain kits. For $400, you’re better off with a single motor. I suggest a VESC, the Tacon motor or SK3, and the biggest gearing ratio you can get (3:1) is common.

alright what about for the battery?

I don’t know what you weigh but you should consider a 15/36 or 14/36 because of your hilly area. Unless you’re looking for some ridiculous top speed. With 14/36 20+ mph is easy.

Just my $.02 worth, don’t spend it all in one place.


You would make/buy an adapter so two balance leads go into the bms. Because you would have two packs in series.

hahaha thanks @BigAl

oh i actually thought it was some incredibly complicated process

Well, I’m pretty confident that’s how you do it. Check with @psychotiller he knows how to wire balance leads together. You would also have to solder the discharge leads on.

Haha for a second there you had me thinking this would be easy I should have known!(JK)

If its your first build and you you’re not too familiar with wiring get a single 6s battery and an external charger.

I was considering going with the 106b but the b6 compact is kind appealing because of its plug and play like design

My advice: because I was going the same exact path at first. Dual requires more maintenance with the belts and ESC and batteries, plus more soldering and wire/enclosure management at the start. I listened to some people here who say that a single with a big belt is enough power. Choose a good ESC (VEC) and a big 6374 motor running on 11-12S for the most efficient single. Maybe a 12-15mm belt. Dual is for acceleration on flat and hilly ground. Save the money.

Would you say 260 or 245 for a hilly area

245 definitely, speed isnt that important

ahhh would u be able to know of a good charger that can do 7s lipos

They are quite expensive unless you want to go $80+