Dual tacon Bigfoot 160, 10s5p,

Before I hook stuff up and fry everything. I wanted to seek some advice from you guys since I am not eskate savvy at all.

My build 2 VESC from diyelectricskateboard (torqueboards) 2 tacon Bigfoot 160 10s5p battery pack from diyeboard Mounts and pulleys (14/16t and 36t kit)

Does everything look good? Do I need to change anything? Is everything compatible?

I ll take any advice I get! Thank you in advance.

Also, I am getting my extended battery range for boosted soon and I want to use the standard one for an eskate build. How do I go about that?

Diyelectricskateboard VESC are know to fail very often even in BLDC. I think even Maytech and hobbyking VESC has a lower failure rate than those.

Don’t forget to limit the erpm to 60k in the vesc. You motor is on the higher KV side(245kv).

What wheels do you have? 16/36 pulleys with 245kv motor and 10s may cause voltage spikes. Had the same issue with 97mm wheels. after I changed the pulleys to 15/44 problem solved.

The vescs are just fine. Run it in BLDC mode and you will be ok.

Once these fail what would be a good VESC to buy? Enertion focbox?

I have 90mm wheels that come from the torqueboards website

Then you might be ok. Just do your first runs extra careful, especially when braking.

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Awesome thank you very much.

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When these fail, focbox is the most reliable one so far. You can also get the 6.4 version from stewii, that one is very promising.

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Diy you just say, that MayTech VESC is more reliable than DIY VESC?! :open_mouth: Thats kinda bullshit…IDK about Hobbyking…if you can afford to go for FOCBOX, go for it :slight_smile: VESC6 is even better, but pricey and you would have to W8 a long time…

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Although the Bigfoot 160 comes from the RC plane world is suitable for esk8 and is a little monster (Is the one I first considered for my build) but is a 245kv… a little high on kvs; normally one needs to shot for motors between 140kv to 190kv.

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thank you guys for the help. I ll definitely keep all this in mind. I ll go based on this for the next changes.

anybody have any ideas about boosted batteries and if it can be used in a diy?

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Do you mean Boosted board’s batteries? They are made out of A123 26650 cells, LiFePO4, 2500mah, 60A discharge, they can be used, but they are bigger and heavier than Liion or Lipo cells…but theyy last forever :slight_smile: They are also much more expensive and have lower voltage…there are some build with them already, but not much :slight_smile:

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Thanks you. my question is can I just plug them with the VESC and it ll work?

You have to configurate the VESC, change the BMS (boosteds BMS communicates with their ESC) and yea, it should work :slight_smile: I am not VESC expert but as far as I know there shouldnt be any problem :slight_smile:

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a diyelectricskateboard VESC blown up on me, (it was on fourth of July too, great timing) I am not sure where I did wrong but I was resetting PPM and when I added current to the motor through BLDC tool, the whole board just went :fireworks: Not sure if it’s a software issue or what but I’ve been extremely cautious of using BLDC tool afterwards.

Ehh…Sorry to hear that…I personally blew MayTech and Vanda VESC…IMO all 4.12 VESC are not reliable…but the difference between DIY and MayTEch is, that DIY makes them according to Benjemins original plans, but Maytech decided not to use some of its components, which is the reason why Maytech fail more often…

I dont say they cant last, but if you buy MayTech VESC be prepared that you will have to replace it sooner or later :slight_smile:

After all, Ben is just an esk8 enthusiasts who took his time to design such a great ESC for free. Kudos :+1: to him for creating this open source project.