Dual TB 6374 190kv/ 12s4p/ 90mm wheels/ Nano 2.4ghz/ TB 218mm trucks

After having a single 6374 setup for almost a year with a 10s lipo pack, I finally made the move and I can say I wish I would’ve done it sooner. Pretty straight forward build using mainly @torqueboards parts and it is super awesome!

I just took it for a spin on BLDC mode and it ran great. Topped out at 32mph and still had some more juice. The next thing I’m doing is having @longhairedboy upgrade my bamboo Gt! If your looking to make a build like this please let me know if you have any questions


how did you finally get that 4p pack into that enclosure? I thought the enclosure was a little too low for the thickness of the 4p pack?

I used about 5 strips all the way around the edges of weather proof seal. It’s a temp enclosure until TB sends me the free one.


What motor mount did you use?

Your board looks really good and I’ve been wanting to do something similar with the dual 6374 on 218 trucks, but I’m concerned about clearances. There’s a couple dimensions I’m curious about- What is the actual length the motor can? How much space is there between the motors? What width belts are you using? How thick are the motor mounting plates? Are the wheels concaved into the trucks? So is the hub more centered or towards the inside of the wheel?

I know it’s a lot, all help is appreciated, thanks.

TB motor mount for the 218mm trucks . They are great and a lot stronger than the regular ones I had on my calibers