DUAL VESC €110 - Fill the google form

We will see

What exactly is the difference between v4 and v6?

Not entirely sure since Flipsky don’t just copy vedders work. They make changes. I can look into it for you

Guys I just ordered 2 single flipsky vescs off ebay for £45 each. I need something asap for my torquedrives so unfortunately I am out for the time being. uurrrgghhhhh

good luck with the GB.

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No problem.

There was 15% code on ebay today

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I’m in for one :smile:

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Is this going to happen soon?

I definitely want one. Seems to be the cheapest option out there for vesc based 4 series that can run foc like focboxes, at least unproven.

Don’t really need it since I got escapes coming but I have no idea when they’ll arrive sothis is a good alternative for now.

I am not sure, need 20 pcs, and theres 21 people that are interested in 1pc

Compare it to my other thread where there is like 80 pcs interested, but 40~ pieces on the google form

Okay damn it. Well I was interested in the single 6 version but this dual is better option for me.

Damn wallet.

Well if it is happening I am definitely down for one dual 4 version.

I’d say open up the google form for this one and I will put down my monies for one dual including tracked shipping to The Netherlands.

Peoples let’s make this happen and order 21 of these suckers.

Just to double check they work with the vesc tool right? I am sure they do but I couldn’t find any info stating this on their site.

I assume so.

OK I will make one now

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Done but it’s not a 6.6.

Thanks, I thought I renamed it

Yeah I am that guy. It’s not 4.12 either. Dual FSESC4.20 100A

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Thanks. That settles my ocd. I can sleep now.



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I am in for one… just filled in the Google Form. THX

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Me too, just fried at least one single Vesc facepalm and filled out the form :smiley:

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1/4 of the way there :slight_smile:

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