Dual Vesc 6.6 Second esc stopped working

I have a dual mini vesc 6 was running fine then the second motor stopped working. So i opened it up and now the esc2 isn’t connecting, esc1 still connects but wont read anything on the can.

Both blue lights are on and the can switch is also on.

Any help would be appreciated, I’ve searched around a bit and haven’t found a solution.

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Hi Jordan, could you give us a little more information?

How did this happen? Were you running your board and sudenly one motor stopped working? Was it after a firmware update?

What is the exact ESC model? (Flipsky dual mini FSESC 6.6?)

How are you trying to connect (USB, Bluetooth?)

Yea had it all set up put on the enclosure the following day and no second motor. Plugged it in and sure enough cant get anything out of the second side(not even reading can from master when plugged in).

Flipsky dual mini.and using laptop