Dual VESC CNC machined Aluminium case

Hi, Friends!

Long story short, my father is making CNC machined stuff and for a year he is making and selling VESC cases single and dual configuration in other websites (Vedder, eBay and etc.).

So today I present Dual VESC CNC machined aluminium case

  • Made of anodized aluminium.
  • Weights 240g (without boards)
  • Dimensions 115mm x 86mm x 26mm
  • Contact points for FET. Case acts as heatsink

The kit comes with:

  • 1 pc. Aluminium case
  • 12 pc. Rubber Grommets for cables
  • 12pc. Thermal Conductive Silicone Pad for Heatsink Cooling
  • 2pc. USB dust cover
  • 2pc. Original PCB for Capacitors (If ordered with capacitor kit)
  • 6pc. Miniature Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors 560 uF x 63VDC (If ordered with capacitor kit)
  • Screws

The prices are:

  • 42€ + Shipping
  • 50€ + Shipping (With capacitor kit)

To simplify shopping experience cases are sold via an online shop.

P.S. To support eSk8 community I have 5% discount code. Just PM me for more information.


By the end of week Single case should be in stock too.

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I can vouch for these things. Before I got one (thanks @scepterr) my fets were getting as high as 60 degrees. after my 35 mile ride yesterday, I never saw my fets go above 34


A heads up for folks, if you have a TB vesc or any vesc with the same size electrolytic caps, you will need to replace them. If you have this cap, you’re fine, they fit without issue https://www.mouser.com/Search/ProductDetail.aspx?R=UPW1J681MHD6virtualkey64700000virtualkey647-UPW1J681MHD6

I should mention I love these cases, using 6 of the singles right now😝


bump… :slight_smile:

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Bump… :slight_smile:

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These look lovely.


Only 3 qty is left

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2 qty left

How? I just ordered two singles?

2 dual left not single ones. Then did you ordered?

Ahhhh my bad.

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From 24-25th 10% on whole order at https://shop.3dservisas.eu


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Are these available for US?



Will you be able to make a dual case for the new VESC 6? I’d be very interested in one of those… possibly might need one for 4 if it ends up being a 4WD… Think you could come up with something?

Yes, it is possible to make, the problem is the price as it is not a standard design and not many people are going to buy except if you going to make a group buy of minimum 20 units.

Hi im after a ver 1 dual bu without capacitor board on Black Friday deal any chance?

Hi @banjaxxed there is a code bit higher with 10% of whole order.