Dual VESC CNC machined Aluminium case

yep found it but sadly sold out if you choose to not have capacitor board

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I still have one I fixed the quantity

Thanks I grabbed it :wink:

Ps. A focbox version would sell really well I think

Pps. I already bought a pair of single from your father on ES u/n:audis I think


By focbox version you mean just case which holds both of them or you mean to take focbox apart and put into the dual case?

I got a change in my build plan.


brand new | unused!

Here are pictures.



  • case was $50
  • vesc were €125

Make me an offer.

Mmm good point.

I would expect that the alloy used in your father’s designs (and I have seen it firsthand) would give better heat transfer if you took the focbox apart and placed it in whatever you could come up with, then if it were simply designed to just press against the existing focbox casing. And it is so simple anyone can take a focbox apart with just a hex key.

So I would suggest a case which is for a disassembled focbox…single and dual.

I think there is dimensions available somewhere, if not I can lend you one.

The main thing would be to make it as water resistant as possible. I have not used the single vesc cases that I bought yet but I have already thought a bit about water resistance, there are grommets for the wires if I remember correctly.

But you could ‘up your game’ in that department by 3d printing flexible filiment seal for the aloy top/bottom bodies and also a cover for the usb port…oh and use cable glands for the wires exits (just need to machine threads for them


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I don’t really think many people would like to take it apart as I guess it will void the warranty.

Meh I think enertion don’t regard it as a voiding of warranty IIRC, they do not like the flashing of custom firmware however. Ah yes I remember, there was an issue with some focboxes and some wrong components and enertion have an alert to open up the focbox and take a look yourself…

Also there is no warranty sticker to circumvent

Also there is hardly any warranty(60 days) if you do not pay the extra price and few do AFAIK

Just an idea. If you could spread out the footprint by 0.75in you would have enough room to include a BT module and most receivers in the dual case as well. I must say I am impressed, just got mine in and working on installing x2 TB VESC(s) as I have free moments.


I also think a foxbox dual would sell well. Especially if it was fairly water tight and could be mounted to the board directly, not in another enclosure. As to weather it should have the focbox taken apart or not? I don’t think the DIY community would be very concerned about the warranty. If you don’t disassemble it just going to be a bit thicker.

@Alanhunt123 created one of his own. https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/alanhunt123-36-skateshred-deck-dual-racestar-5045-200kv-motors-10s4p-25r-dual-focbox/38576/3?u=lrdesigns

I see there is high demand for custom style cases like dual focbox and etc. There is a possibility to make it happen, but on condition that we collect orders and then manufacture them to prevent the cases then large quantity is made and nobody buys. So if anyone interest in this kind of concept we can try then.

P.S. This Friday there will be Winter Clearance Sale with 25% discount on cases.

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For a whole Friday only there is winter sale 25%

Code: W1NT3RS$L3


I’m definitely down for one or two that can hold two FOCBOXes + some electronics (BT module and remote receiver)


Thank you! Just ordered a case. Can’t wait to install it.

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up up


same here, a box for two FOCBOXES + remote and BT

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At the moment out of stock.

Will be doing something with FocBox’es then we will get FocBoc after BlackFriday sales


Launch for Xmas / New Years with timed offer like enertion did with the focbox recently, make sure you have about 100 dual units in stock and fall about laughing afterwards

Hehe, but we need actual focbox to make case for it ;D

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