Dual vesc, only one motor spins?

I’ve got a dual setup but only one motor, the one connected to the master vesc, spins. Settings are

Vesc (master) Vesc id: 0 PPM send status over can - No multiple esc over can - Yes

Vesc (slave) Vesc id:1 NO APP send status over can - Yes multiple esc over can - No

Ive already tired messing around with send status over can ticked for both and checked the CAN cable with a multimeter, any suggestions??

For Focbox or any Vesc 4

Forget canbus and use a split ppm Run both Vescs as masters


So run both as masters and connect the receiver to both with no CAN cable?

i fully agree with @Namasaki i burned a vesc first time trying to do canbus and decided to just use a y-split cable and haven’t had an issue since.

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yes, configure each vesc individually to its motor, and run a y split servo cable from both vescs into the reciever. also make sure you cut one of the 5v wires so you only have 1 input of 5v from the vescs.

Did you setup using the BLDC tool or VESC tool? For some reason I couldn’t get it to work using the BLDC tool. It’s been working great with the VESC tool.

Thank you ill try that, been messing about with this for hours trying to get CAN to work XD

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Setup both with the vesc tool, honestly I think the CAN is broken on at least one as when I try the command can_devs on the aster it doesn’t appear to be able to see the slave

@abenny beat me to the punch. And I agree with everything he said. Split ppm is much safer than canbus unless you have a Vesc6