Dual Vesc question

With a 9ah battery and dual vesc/motors, the most regen current that I want going to the battery is 10a. So do I set the battery regen minimum on each vesc to -5 ?

Yep. Since I have a 4p setup with Samsung 25Rs (4A max charge current) I set my two VESCs for -8A battery regen each.

Setting each Vesc to -8. Wouldn’t that give you a total of 16 amps regen charge? Each Vesc supplying 8amps?

Yep, that’s what I want. 4P x 4A = 16A

Ok I see.:+1::+1::+1::+1:

So my pack is 10s2p with 4500mah cells So I was thinking 1c @ 9ah and round up to 10a or -5 per Vesc. Is it safe for the battery to go 2c for regen charge? I don’t want to eliminate the brakes too much.

I did some searching and it looks like your Basen’s handle a max charge current of 5.2A. You should be fine for -5A each VESC

source: http://www.electronic-cigarettesco.co.uk/26650-batteries/509-basen-26650-4500mah-60a-high-drain-battery.html

Cool, thanks for the help and thanks for the link. I searched but could not find Dara on charge current.

What’s your opinion on the regen for a Space cell 3 ? default was at -80. I’ve burned a drv at the moment while one wheel was braking. could this be related?

I’m no expert with the Vesc but from what I’ve read, There are 2 settings Motor Regen controls the amount of braking Battery Regen controls the current going back to the battery. Find out the recommended charge rate for SC3 and set the battery Regen to match. I think most people are running -60 for motor Regen

The burned DRV: Sounds like a possible short in the motor.

True, but had multiple shorts already. Last one burned the DRV. I thought that would be better protected by the vesc.

Edit and let me rephrase my question: Whats the difference between battery regen and motor regen.

I could be wrong, but the way I understand it, The motor Regen current regulates the amount of brake force. The battery Regen current regulates the charge going back into the battery while braking. There is a thread that explains it better: