Dual Vesc with two different batteries?


im planning to upgrade my esk8 to a dual diagonal drive. My actual setup is an 8s with 200 kv motor single drive. My question is if i can hook up another battery with 7s to power an additonal 260 kv motor to my actual setup?

Im thankful for any answer I can get since i cant find any other threads showing this setup :slight_smile:

yes you can. you will need a second ESC as well though.

why not power both from the same battery though?

you could check out my UDR thread.

Yeah, I’m currently looking for vesc :slight_smile: My Battery is a 8s3p with Sony VTC5 cells and I’m afraid that it is not enough to power up two motors. I also have an 7s3p with vtc4 cells which I wanted to use for the second vesc.

Do you think one battery will be fine? What happens when the weaker battery hits the soft cut-off first? Will the vesc reduces the power from the whole system…?

Thank you for your answer, I will take a look at your thread :slight_smile:

having 2 different batteries would still work, and would give you more Watt hours. so Id go that way if you were going to…

You programmed each VESC individually and connected an y-servo cable to the vesc am I right? How do i need to program it, if I’m using a can bus cable?