Dualtron 3600w vs 12s5p electric skateboard

I’ve seen these things are pretty fast they get very easily to 50mph.

I wonder how fast are they against a DIY build with 12s5p dual 6374s and 100mm wheels.

Do electric skateboard have a chance against them?

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I mean power is power, if a board has the power and gearing then you can get to speed in comperable time but scooters are a bit more stable because of their turning. Any board that has that speed will not handle anywhere near as well

The thing is most are not tackling the stability problems of skateboards at speed without killing your turn ability. @MoeStooge has a proper solution!


Left board is 12,000 watts and the right is 10,000 watts. The left one sees 50 mph In uphill races.

You can make a board do whatever you want. You just have to figure out how and that comes with experience. You mention a dual drive with 100mm wheels, but your leaving out a lot of details. You can make a board very stable and way more powerful. Just need some balls also lol.