Dumb question but what is the better battery?

10s2p 40T battery with 60Amps discharge and 8Ah capacity OR SAMSUNG 30Q 9.0Ah

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30q has a longer lifespan and slightly better thermal handling abilities.

Do you need a battery built? I can offer the cheapest price around

nah debating between the meepo nls pro (first one) or ownboard w2 (second one). i am aware of how these are hated here but i am buying for someone else.


Go with the 30q

really? some people say the 40

Your question has two many variables…

The NLS and the onboard W2 has two different esc’s (although both made by hobbyking)

One is belt drive and the other is hubs motors…

after a test from samuel james the w2 got 17 miles and the nls got 16.5.

If that’s the case than it just depends on if you want hub motors or belt motors.

It it were up to me I would go with the own board.

ye… due to the 270 kv motors, theyre made more for high speed than torque. doesn this defeat the purpose of belt?

I got a 10S2P with 40T and I have to say I expected more range out of these. They are powerfull enough and have not much sag but if I would build a new battery for the same board I would go for 10S3P with 30Q it has roughly the same weight and discharge current and just more capacity.

But the 10S3P with 30Q will sag a little bit more but not that much.

I actually see no adventage of the 30T and 40T yet (because they are bigger and heavier), only if you need a very compact and powerfull pack for a small range these are perfect.

Ok now when building a DIY Board and when purchasing a Battery and ESC. I’m wanting to build my own Enclosure. How much air room is needed? And do I need to have vent holes to allow any overheating of the Battery and ESC

air room does not matter since your enclosure probably will be water tight and there will be almost no air flow from inside to outside without some fans etc

Your battery won’t overheat so you don’t need to make space for free airflow

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