Dumbest Electric Skateboard?

I saw a gentleman walking down the street today with a short board, and had the idea to put a 12S10P battery on top of it, quad focboxes, wild gearing, and the smallest wheels you could get for gears that are generally available.

Has anything like this, or just generally very dumb (be it configuration imbalances, whatever) and/or unwise ever been done by any of you crazy builders?

I want to see some dumb, crazy, over the top, irresponsible builds… I have a feeling there is at least one out there, and if I had the money to burn I’d put my dream to reality so I’m relying on you guys. Search was pretty bare on this topic…

Thanks… :sunglasses:

A dangerous build, a buddy of mine made 4wd on 8085 350kv motors (those motors are bigger than your hand) with gearing ratio a gear Ettox drives to be specific and with 4 quad vesc 6 and 8 tattu 22,000mah in series for 12s he got 100miles at one point board would go 0-45mph way to easily and weighed about 50pounds ? Cost him about almost 5k it’s not dum it’s enthusiast

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I think there is a line that is drawn there are people who just fantasize crazy stupid shit that they have never even build a board or ridden past 25mph and have that sports car mentality I want the biggest and fastest one but never even go fast and then there’s the enthusiast who will be real about it and make thing happen with there past experience on esk8


thats certainly crazy idea. how short would be the board? 26?

This is at top of my dumb list


Or this build of mine, but it never was very fast :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Lol that build isn’t dumb. It sounds epic to me.

I’d consider that fun.

Dumb in the best kind of way, I’m very happy it exists. But I wouldn’t want to ride it for more than 30 seconds.

Actually its genius. But this is a dumb skateboard thread. Maybe I failed.

How about the other end of the scale? C’mon guys, think bigger, much bigger… IMG_6767lr1 Edit: Never mind, just remembered this channel: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.youtube.com/playlist%3Flist%3DPLjpsoptsN4KDgj9KdBVA3AXd32KKHsaCa&ved=2ahUKEwi-tLShssjaAhWyMewKHYYgDCAQFjACegQIABAB&usg=AOvVaw0DTccvRGStPnCNNdofzLJz

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I soo badly wanna make a wooden skateboard truck for them to skate.

Making a pair has been on my todo list for nearly a year now.

Hope I can get around to it.

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Dude, do it! And if you can also make some wooden python wheels…:wink:

There’s some good stuff in this thread… so far I think this tops the list for me personally. The Winnebago is great :sunglasses:

Not all of these are dumb, but wackyboards has an eskate category.


Though there’s a ton of stuff that isn’t sorted into that category.

Its def a site to keep an eye on if you like seeing stuff like this:


I think wackyboards is the perfect place to see things we all wish were available. The stuff people come up with there is in a similar vein to those tiny car developer companies that meet up in the California desert and show ridiculous awesome concept cars they’ve been working on. Sadly, most of them never seen to get past that first working prototype stage.