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Second very similar post about this drives and no, they are not a rip off :joy:

Where’d you get this?!?

how’s that?


They are not patented, and this idea is not new, or wasn’t new. The words rip off also have a bad tone to them. It sounds like someone is doing something wrong, or not wanted…

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can you reference any prior art? rip off generally implies a clone of lesser quality. TB is notorious for quality issues. the market will ultimately decide.

I think tesla is using very similar concept and Jerry definitely didn’t invent this technology. I don’t want to get in a quality discussion before we actually test the product but the market will decide for the one that delivers and meet the demand imo.


file-20180102-26163-d9wlms Yes don’t worry we all know who invited the 3-phase induction motor? and some other dude but who cares.


We’ve improved quite a few things to the hopes of making them much more reliable and durable… :smiley: Time will tell…

Kept going back in forth between in-wheel hub motor + direct drive…

We’ve had about 2 iterations for hub motors in the past so I do have an idea on what works and what doesn’t work.

The only way to build a great reliable and durable option is to build a great one from the ground up.

Ultimately, I settled on direct drive due to better cooling, less riding on the actual motor itself, the ability to switch to different full urethane wheels, ability to use our own pneumatic tires with our direct drive system.

So we’re working on the following things that will also compliment our direct drive setup.

  • Precision CNC Trucks (Can’t use just any casted truck.)
  • Custom 110mm Wheels which will work great for our Direct Drive motors. (also available for belt drive)
  • Custom 6.3" x 2" Pneumatic Tires (also available for belt drive)

We’ve got quite a bit we’re working on so thanks to everyone for the support! My goal is to help bring better and higher quality products to the DIY community. We’ve got a ton of great new stuff we are trying to release and it wouldn’t be possible without your guys support. So THANKS! to all of you that have purchased from us. Durability and Reliability is huge factor that I’m trying to focus on.


@torqueboards would it be possible to order these with all 6 of the phase leads coming out instead of just 3… If not thats fine, but never hurts to ask

@holyman92 No, sorry. It’s hard to do one-off type things.

@Jebe, ripoff is a strong word indeed in these forums… My one and only gripe about TB has really only been about their motor mounts wigling loose. besides that none of their electronics have failed me yet. I have been using 1 6374 from them on their 4.12 vesc using a 10s5p pack and never had 1 issue yet. So to come in and say out right that they ripped them off is kind of uncalled for.

I am actually eager to get a hold of their drive to test it for myself then to crack it open and do some personal modifications (splitting all the phase wires) and tbh it would be nice to see carvon have some competition since they are always sold out of drives haha


its all good, I will just have to split them myself.

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Yeah, cuz thats what i meant…

Oh yea i forgot to mention… the 6374 from TB free wheels phenomenally, like i can (and have) kick it and pump almost as if it wasnt there.

compared to my BKB 6374, its night and day when it comes to the free wheel capabilites.


I look forward to seeing this drive set-up with the pneumatics! Some cnc trucks to compliment that and I believe im sold lol


Ripoff is not a term anyone would use to describe these… and if that’s the case then as stated before carvon would be a “ripoff” of tesla… this isn’t a rip on anyone nor is it a patented idea…


It’s not about being selfrightous its about spreading false info man… there’s tons of new guys just getting into eskate and this title is very misleading and unless they decide to actually read the comments

It would be one thing if these motors where out and just out right bad, to male this claim but they aren’t even available to buy