Dust in the motor? (Motor cover recommended?)

I see lots of people running their motor without a cover. Over time the motor is going to get sandblasted, which is mainly just aesthetics. But what about dust? I feel like the motor’s bearings are going to get wrecked from dust and debris getting inside. For those of you have put lots of miles on your e-skate, has this been a problem for you at all?

I am using a Turnigy SK3 6374, and it just so happens a beer can is the perfect size for a motor cover. I have been designing a motor mount with an integrated vented cover. I may add a small cooling fan to the motor cover if necessary.

I think overall the community has decided that heat created from a cover along with the fact that things can get trapped in between the cover and the motor make it a bad idea. I would advise looking at this thread for farther information.

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Thanks for the link! However, heat dissipation is a very solvable problem. I am interested to know more about the effects of dust on the high precision bearings.

yeah… in my opinion its better without any sort of cover. The motors get more air and the dust that does get in there has a better chance of getting back out. Not to mention a lot of covers just trap the crap in there forever.

I’ve got some filthy motors sitting around that are years old and they still work well.

Once in a while i just blow some compressed air in motor to blow out dust.