Dusters Channel Gold 34" Drop Through Longboard Complete

Hi all,

I’m pretty new to this whole thing but I’m thinking about building an eboard. What are your thoughts on me buying this, learning to ride it, and then working on converting it later? Good idea? Is it the right size, etc?

Thanks for all of your help.


I’d go with something cheaper if you are totally new.


Rimable Drop-through Longboard $56

For e-skating, you’d have to change the wheels and possibly the trucks out anyway.

Getting a regular longboard to learn is a great idea. However there are a few things you could do that would make it cheaper and easier to convert it later. The only wheels you can find that you’ll be able to buy a pulley for are Orangatang Kegels, Abec11 Flywheels or the Chinese Flywheel clones and the only trucks you’ll be able to buy a motor mount for are Caliber II. Also, since you’ll need space to mount everything under the deck it would be easier to buy a deck that isn’t a drop through.

If you get a top mount deck with caliber trucks and one of those wheels you won’t have to swap out any parts if you want to make it electric.