Dylan Warren Mbs build

Starting this build as i need to start all over again, Just sold my Trampa Kaly built by the man him self(get well soon). I have had 3 self builds,Metroboard,Kaly Trampa,Raptor 2.1 on the way. Not in that order but you get it. I have been out of the game for over a year i had extra bits in my heart they had to cut out now i’m heartless and feeling better its about time at 45. This will never do any real off roading . This is the list some parts i have that i never used, Vesc-Dual FSESC6.6 on order… Motors-Turnigy D5035-125KV Sensored Brushless Motor x2 have one one on order… Battery-12s5p Eskating Samsung 30Q I have… Bms-BESTECH BMS 80A… Deck-MBS Pro 97 – Dylan Warren II Deck stiff … Truck Type – Metal Matrix II… Hubs-Rockstar Pro T1 Tyre… Motor mount -Overion … Gears- Overion chain spocket kit 10/42… Abs Enclosure c/w Waterproof gasket… 6%20vesc 125kv Kit-Overion-motor-mount-transmission-pour-Vertigo-Copier-576x600 mds%20Deck


Good choix! I did the same except the motor (SK8 6374 192KV).

I use this box for the esc : HAMMOND 1590XXCB.



What size gears did you use

OVERION Mount but E-TOXX 8T and 40T motor and wheel sprockets.

Your motors’ KV is lower and I would choose 10/35 OVERION sprockets.

The 42T sprocket will be heavy IMO. No big deal you’ll be able to change it easily.

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How do you like the sk8 sensored? @davidc

Overion mounts are great! I use 10/42 and love them. With 10mm shaft and 6374 130kv , the feeling was superb! about 40 km/h top speed, now I am using 154 kv 8mm shaft Trampa, they are really fast 50km/h easy…But I prefer the 130kv motor and bigger shaft, I am trying to fix one broken motor to go back to that set up… Also, Yann from Overion is a very nice person!


They work fine. More powerful than maytech 6374 130kv closed IMO.

Those maytech should take 65A but they saturate at 44A according to VESC-Tool.

These turnigy SK8 take 67A.


If i can get it up to 25mph that will do the days of me hitting 30/35mph are done i just want non stop power up to 25mph and not to worry about recharging .

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Thanks! My 10s5p that’s going to be built should be able to supply around 150A continuos

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Hey does any one know where i would get a 8mm 10 or 12t spocket with a keyway or keyset I cant find one for 8mm

Overion has some shipping from France I think. I got a 10t 10mm one but they should have 8mm ones.

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They have 8mm but they dobt take keyway



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On the bit im bad at setting up tbe vesc

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Hi all I’m scrapping this build I just don’t have the time if any one wants to buy any of tge parts let me know pm me