E-bikes getting bad press in Austria

Salutations riders,

Seems like Austrian law is starting to notice e-bikes.


Apparently some e-bikes go faster than whats legal since the owners started to modify their bikes to go faster. That’s bad news for us esk8ers here in Austria.

Now with the e-bikes getting more attention it’s just a matter of time until esk8ers start being noticed as well. Apparently, an ebike is allowed to have a max. speed of 25kmh and 600w power.

I have a bad feeling about this.

Hoe many of us are sub 600W? We are screwed regardless.

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600W is like 15A on 10s its nothing but your board is using like 5-10a to crouse (atleast my does) and that falls in the limits but the start from stop is kinda tricky

In the worst case install ackmaniacs and switch it to limited mode if they start creeping around your board

in Lithuania (and most of EU i believe), the limit is 250w and 25 km/h top speed. above you need insurance, licence plates, pass technical inspection :joy: with a skateboard


15a is not enough to get up hills around here. Only sensible thing is a speed limit, not a W limit. If I want stupid torque up untill 25 km/h, that should be entirely my business.

600w is not bad. Friction drive setup could even get through.

Otherwise the normal 250w limit is a joke.

yes but i was talking about cruising on flat ofc we smash our throttles while going up hill

OH… ( ಠ ʖ̯ ಠ) Is same for all the Baltic states? Do they reallly enforce it, or use just to whip fellows who neglect road safety?

Honestly, I don’t know a single police officer that would be able to tell the difference between 600W and 6000W just by looking at a board or bike. The solution is just don’t go fast around cops. If you don’t give them a reason to pull you over, they won’t.

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At least that’s the solution in the US. I have no idea what police and regulations are like internationally.

Different. A 50 year old was pulled over for “driving like a maniak” (newspapers need to grab attention somehow) at 20 km/h.

Fair enough. In Minneapolis as long as I am not actively selling drugs while waving a gun the police usually leave me alone. Even when I pass them in the bike lane :rofl:

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