E-board For Sale $500 obo

I am trying to sell my e-board to be able to fund my next build. The VESC, hub-motor kit, and transmitter and controller were bought from Carvon. The hub motor is the v2 and with a 12s battery pack it’ll let you cruise at 30mph. I am selling everything together with a deck and charger and two 6s 2650mAh lipos for $500 obo.

Got any pictures? It would help any potential customers.

Dual or single?

It is a single hub setup.



The board is still available…

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Wanna sell just the hub and vesc?

I would be interested for the hub+vesc

Offers for hub and VESC?

Can you send me a pm I’m new to using this forum

Where are you located?

I am in Texas

another texas rider! where at?

That’s a really clean motor! Mine is all pitted up.

Yeah I’ve put some miles on it but I’ve taken care of it :pray:

I’m actually right outside of Austin right by Round Rock…

awh, I’m in Dallas.

Aww… well maybe sometime if you come down here for some reason…

Change in price and in deal… board now comes with 2 6s 2650mAh lipos and with the lipo charger. The price is now $500.