E-board for Sale

I’m not sure if anyone would be interested in my dual drive BenchWheel Board for $400 shipped (assuming you live in the US). Bought it back in December. I weigh 270 pounds, so I trip the over current protection when riding. I bet if you weigh less than 200 pounds, that shouldn’t happen. Could make a cool board for upgrades. Dual 270 kv 50mm motors, 6s li ion 8.8 mah. If shipping becomes a problem, I could possibly pop out the battery at a discounted price.






Did you have problem with the current protection right from the start or did it develop over time? Is it a problem on flat ground or just hills.

The first couple days it was not a problem. If I take it easy on the throttle, it tends to not trip the over current protection, but it has happened even taking it easy on the throttle. The problem has occurred on flat, but oddly enough not on any mild hills near me.

Seems that too many people are having this problem with these boards. I haven’t seen any reports of this problem with the single motor version, only the dual. I test rode the single and did not experience any problem starting from a dead stop and accelerating hard. I’m thinking that maybe the problem is running dual motors on a 6s battery. Low voltage means high current. I’m thinking design flaw. It would be an interesting test if you could disconnect one of the motors and test ride to see if it stops the current protection from tripping.

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Regardless if that would work or not, I need to get rid of this one in order to justify building my current build, but you could be right.


i’m gonna go check out your diy build. first, I was wondering if you tried having someone much lighter ride the Benchwheel to see if it still cut out?

I had my brother who weighs 215 ride it a couple weeks ago, and it did trip the over current protection, but I’m not sure how he was with the throttle. Upgrading to dual VESC’s might be a worthy upgrade.

215, he’s big guy also. I was thinking maybe someone around 160-180 running the Vesc might help since you can limit the current draw so it doesn’t trip the Bms protection circuit. Assuming thats whats tripping.

lol well my girlfriend is below that weight range you specified, but she only went 5 mph while I held her hand, as to make sure she didn’t bust her shit. :laughing:

No one wants this? I can do a PRICE DROP to $350 shipped to the continental US if that’s more enticing.

Try to post it on REDDIT - Electric Skateboards - someone will buy it there.

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I don’t even know what redit is lol I guess I live under a rock. I suppose I could try craigslist.

what are the specs of the board?

Post it here: https://www.reddit.com/r/ElectricSkateboarding/

@willpark16 All the specs should be posted in the original post. other specs…3 to 1 ratio 12mm wide 3mm htd pitch.

Completely new to the electric skateboarding scene, but I am interested in your board. Is it still available?

@Sk8M8 Yes, it’s still available. Will only ship to the continental US.

I’m in California. Where is the page with the boards specifications? I’m pretty small (120 lbs) will the issue with the motor affect me?

right up top if u scroll

“All the specs should be posted in the original post” Haha I thought there was a different post. Thanks!