E-Board Market "topic" for EU members!


I think it would be great to have a seperat market for EU members since it can be a bit confusing and time consuming to find things for sale located within the EU. Do anyone agree? What do the moderators say?


I’m happy with this idea. I don’t think it will stuff anything up.

Hi, since I live in Europe I think it’s a good ideia. :slight_smile:

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I like the idea too!

Good idea!

I’m trying to get in touch with the manufacturers of pulleys, belts etc… To buy in bulk to sell. Would there be a lot of European interest? I would ship them from Europe so the shipping costs will be a lot cheaper (And probably no import taxes)


I am selling stuff from Spain…also offering to be a shipping donkey and bring products back this summer if you all wanted to avoid trans atlantic shipping costs and import fees.

I am terrible with names, so will anybody (besides me) please tag some of the admins since I forgot there names…

Edit: just remembered @carl.1 and @cmatson

@barajabali @lox897 @longhairedboy @lowGuido @staff

@OskarCastrone Why exactly do you want to tag us?

To get you to create a new topic under “market” for EU sales only. :slight_smile:

@onloop is the only one that can do that.

A specific website just for buyers and sellers in the EU https://eu.electric-skateboard.market

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its down :frowning:

Its down for me

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It’s 2 years ago

Oh shit hahah just saw that. when chaze commented it came up on the top for me and I assumed it was new

Sorry guys. I’ve been waiting over two years for that belts group buy and still no belts. I’m out, and someone can take my spot. :no_mouth:


Close thread?