E Board motor? Or hobby store motor?

So I have been thinking about whether I get a specialised motor for Eboards, for example the Enetion 190KV electric skateboard motor 3655 or I just buy a stock high powered motor from the hobby store.

I read that The alternatives from the hobby shop are not designed with quality bearings suitable for carrying human size loads, they will often use leads that are inflexible & have tiny 4mm connectors that just can’t handle the high amps that can often be pulled into the motor when climbing steep hills. The Enertion R-SPEC motor has large open ports to maximise air-flow and minimize weight. The R-SPEC motors offer minimal drag when unpowered allowing the smoothest free ride out of any motor on the market. I was wondering if this is true and if having a specialised motor will be an advantage, personally I would like one of the best hobby motors without spending too much. Any help?

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The advantages that the eboard made motors have are: Flexible wires so that they don’t break or snap (not that copper wires usually do anyway), maybe better bearings and other internal stuff. Other than that I don’t think they are heaps better but if you want those above inclusions then get an eboard motor

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Okay thanks for the help

the enertion motor compared to hobby motors also has a keyway slot for perfect and simple pulley mounting, a water resistant coating on the stator. I would go with an board motor for durability and simplicity.

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quick question, is a 8s setup with 245kv motor good or should i go higher or lower?

8s with 245kv is nearly perfect :wink: