E-Board power and torque needs

Hey guys, from a discussion on one of the topics here i decide to make a script to calculate what we need to move ourselves, this is still a work in progress and will be continuously improved, for now i only take in account gradient and wind drag

The two top graphs are the steady state situation, constant speed, and the two bottom ones is with a 1m/s^2 acceleration, i used this value after measuring the city traffic acceleration from a red light, i’m considering this because in my opinion the safest way to ride is with traffic, if you are to slow or takes to long to gain speed the cars will try to overtake you and that could result in a bad situation

As @PXSS suggestion i’m using a 1.2 Cd(drag coefficient) and i’ve measured the frontal area as 0.6^2

The next step would be to take in account the loses in motor and belt, but that’s harder to model


This is pretty cool. Unfortunately im from phone so cannot comment much.

Probably next step would be to make some sort of calculator