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E-Board power supply issues


I’m extremely new to forums so if this in the wrong category please let me know and I’ll move it. Alright so basically I have built my own dual motor E board using parts I’ve built at work and parts parts I purchased from DIY electric skateboards. I put the board together and hooked it all up relatively easy and ran it once before the wiiciever caught fire and I had to stop. After putting in a new ESC and wiiciever from DIYELECTRICSKATEBOARDS the board now refuses to go. I am running a dual battery system wired in series to create 8S and the battery’s are fine. The wiiciever is also showing that it is connected to the remote. When I start the board I get the normal start up beeps and the the two motors beep (3 short break 3 short break 3 short break) and then nothing happens at all when I try and control the board. Has anyone ever had this happen and if so am I overlooking something obvious? I have hit a dead end regarding what to do next. Thanks in advance and if I can work out how to upload photos I will put some up of the board and all its associated parts.

This is the Dropbox link to the photos and videos of the board.


Hey Stuart,

It’s Dexter from www…

It looks like you purchased our kit a while back.

First, I would clean up the wires as using those connectors in the way you are - won’t be solid. Especially, if you are like me and drop your board from the waist high when starting to ride.

I’m assuming the ESC is most likely the culprit. Unfortunately, our previous manufacuturers are pretty ridiculous with quality control.

Send me an email and I can exchange it with you for our new dual ESCs.

Hi Dexter,

Yeah if you recall correctly I had a little wiiciever issue so we replaced that and the ESC and it just hasn’t gone since.
My email is [email protected]

When it was going it was an insane setup which is why I’m so keen to restore it to its former glory.

Thanks in advance,


I had the same problem with the first wiiceiver I received. It wasn’t syncing with the nunchuck. Dexter was nice enough to send me a replacement wiiceiver that did not have that issue.