E-Board speakers my Stereo UE Megaboombox Boosted board

Here is my custom stereo UE Megaboombox Boosted board for all looking for an audio solution on your board. IMAG1145


More pics please

15473983609532111264971437965142 15473984596352591668531958968523 15473985236158431184197624587872 15473985702191692147005844193988

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15473986752327512253847392831832 I used heavy duty wire ties 200 lb strength can be ordered on Amazon the base for the speakers is the same black foam material that came with the UE Boom speakers in the packaging works really well as vibration dampening and holds to the deck of the board.

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Two more UE Booms in my backpack where water bottles go. IMAG1152 IMAG1153 IMAG1154


On a recent ride in downtown NYC.


One part o me wants to say : yaaaayyy cool But can’t help it to think that I always found very annoying people blasting music on the street In a park where you’re sure not to bother anyone, okay


Here in New York City it’s important to be safe while riding a skateboard or a motorcycle or even driving a car for that matter. Loud pipes save lives on motorcycles same difference with skateboarding a lot of guys are getting into accidents because people just don’t pay attention they walk out into the street, open car doors without looking and you have a collision this way they hear me coming. And as a former professional DJ as you can see from the video I posted people are smiling and enjoying the music that I play as well.


I cant imagine what 4 megabooms sounds like, haha

At work we setup two with the audio sharing function and we frequently get noise complaints :rofl:

Outdoors setting it’s not as loud obviously as an indoor setting and I can control the levels, it basically creates a 10-foot sound parameter safety zone all around me. And I’m here in New York City not some Backwoods country place in the suburbs there’s constant sounds and noises all around car horn Sirens people screaming and yelling so it kind of Blends right in with everything else. As well it’s pretty cool with all these smiles thumbs up high fives and on occasion when I’m stopped some people start dancing the key is play good music and people will enjoy it I don’t play offensive music with cursing, mostly cool fun positive party music.

I cant tell if this is a dig or not :rofl:

I know what you mean though

Thats like 250 a speaker!!! The surround sound is almost as expensive as the board

IMO its the only one worth its money in the UE lineup, the rest of them fall short, either in the sound department, battery life or connectivity stability

Made my heart warm when I figured out theyre a logitech company :stuck_out_tongue:

On a total side note, no one would happen to have an OG g502 mouse laying around, would they? Mine is going on 7 years and I think its showing signs of its age :frowning:

Actually you can get UE MEGABOOM for around $120 on Amazon. My board was $1400.


Dude… im grabbing two of them tomorrow…

…1400??? :exploding_head:

I did something similar a few day ago strapping my Flip 4 to the nose of my board

Unfortunately with the road and wind noise it can’t keep up and maintain a decent sound quality

My next try will be something that mount on the top of my backpack and aim right to my head

I can also steal the charge 3 from my brother and try to mount it in the back while keeping the flip in the front

But again, I want to find a setup that I can listen cleanly while people around can’t, the paths I ride are deserted so even at low volume people would hear from far away


x2 +

msc-0509 1piece-beer-can-holder-helmet-drinking-helmet


Nice! But how are you gonna stay hydrated?! LOL

Where can you get a mega boom for $120? I have like 4-5 ue booms laying around for various levels of disturbing the peace.