E-Boards in Amsterdam (Meetup?)

Hey guys!

I’ve been living in Amsterdam for a bit over a month now and have obviously taken my board along with me. The fact that there’s bike paths literally on every road means it’s longboard heaven! Absolutely amazing to ride here.

Are there any others in Amsterdam with eboards? Anyone interested in a meetup?


Leeuwarden over here!

That’s right man … build that squad up :metal:t2:

Utrecht over here!

I know of 2 people in amsterdam with e-boards. One has a Z-Board, the other has an Evolve Bamboo.

We have a little group on facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/592964250809183/?fref=ts (feel free to join, think it is time we organize a meetup!)

Gorinchem here. So not from Amsterdam, but work there a lot! Meet up sounds like a cool plan :smile:

Yeah Amsterdamertje!

Who’s coming to the group ride on Sunday? @Utrecht


Did I just kick a topic from exactly a year ago?! :open_mouth: sorry guys

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I’ll be there!

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Rotterdam over here! i’ll also join the sunday to Utrecht!

Hey just moved to Utrecht from Canada and brought my street and All terrain evolve GTX boards! Is there any group rides in Utrecht or Amsterdam still? Would love to meet up with some local riders and check out some sweet routes!!


Definitely. Go to facebook and we have NL grouprides. We also have a big whatsapp group I forgot the link. @Yecrtz please invite Mike!