E-GEMINI (or Top Speed) Enertion dual, kegels, 10s4p, vacuum enclosure, bla bla bla

I aim at cleanest build possible with basic hometools. Actually that’s very easy since all I have to do is vacuum form enclosure and shorten my deck few centimeters.

I haven’t deside which deck I will use. Riviera Gemini or Landyachtz Top Speed

Other parts:

  • Enertion vesc
  • Enertion 6355 motors
  • Group buy 10s4p without bms
  • @esk8 vedder power switch
  • @JuniorPotato93 or @WSB motor mounts (WSB can you answer me)
  • Caliber II 44s
  • Orange Kegels
  • Enertion 12mm 15T motor pulleys and @Idea 12mm 36T 3D printed wheel pulleys
  • abs enclosure by me

I’ve collected parts over half year and I’m still waiting some parts like battery… This board should be done by end of this month or max week 9. After that I have to start studying to entrance examination.




Which deck? I’m going shorten left one about 4-3cm from both tails.

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I use land yachtz boards mate.

I love them, so that gets my vote !

I’m riding an older TopSpeed for downhill, because the W-concave is awesome. Still one of my favourite decks!

I like the Land Yatz

Definitely the LandYachtz!

I think i do swappable deck. Riviera is slightly flexier and lower than top speed which look a lot faster and has awesome grip thanks to w-concave. BUT it’s twisted. And i don’t have any idea why.

Now i have to find some powerful vacuum cleaner and abs sheet


Got mounts from @WSB. These are great! It’s super snug fit with 12mm belts, but with extra spacers and filed bolts i can get 2-3m more space between my motors.

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Here it sit and wait battery, powerbutton and lcd screen from @ajaynagra.


Nice build! Run the identification from our Facebook group :wink:

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did you ever finish this thing up?

What is your heating element for your vacuum forming heater?

It is 1000w terrace heater. It’s just enough but very long. 1.1m

Basicly yes. I will update this when i get my battery back from welding.