E-MTB Wheelpulley : What you would prefer?

Wanna discuss what make more sense.

Producing new HTD5-25 Wheelpulleys 72Z Got one special made for the Trampa Superstar Hub with cutouts with a wheight of 164gramm And one universal for Trampa Superstar AND Hypa AND Flame Cryptic, wheights 197gramm

So i think the wheight difference is not that much! Its maybe more interesting to have a wider range of hubs and can change them more easy. Maybe will add one more boltingcircle if possible from MBS, dont have any hubs right now.

Would like to know what you guys prefer?

Let me know. Jenso

I think for general consumers you’d be better off with the universal one. Perhaps there’s a way you could make it less unsightly?

Universal: I have both type of wheels and would make no sense to start mixing up to have a spare setup in backpack

Even if it would have more cut-outs it should have less to support brakes

R, J.

Universal man…plus look sturdier imo

More for the masses … Plus less for the machine shop to recycle and make more money on you lol

@Nowind the universal one would be my preference.

Universal for the reason of mass producing them and bringing costs down ultimately.

Thanks guys for the input. So i think the universal hub is the way to go. Will try to grap some MBS Hubs too. Tkanks again

When this thing is spinning at whatever rpm is going to be going at, you won’t be able to see the excess _unsightly _ holes.

I dont see any way to make it less unsightly. Maybe will try to add the MBS circle, and rotate the boltingcircles to get the maximum possible distance between holes. But at least it is what it is and functionality is proven design (-:

don’t get me wrong. I personally like it. I just know how general consumers think and they’ll choose something that looks “cool” more over “functionality” sadly

It’s like if Chaka used the usual Green PCB with his VESCs and others used the black pcb mask you can bet where most would go first (without the knowledge of reliability)

Sadly people look at 2 things. What’s it look like? What’s it cost?

@Nowind what price are you looking at? I’d likely buy 4 off you and be a guinea pig for you :slight_smile: do these work with the 3 spoke 9" wheels from Trampa?

Yeah i know what you mean. Look and price are main factors.

This 72T Pulleys with 30mm widh is for 25mm Belts, i will charge 80€ for one piece. If for your aplication 15mm Belt is enough you can go with Trampa, they sell for 50€.

Sorry to tell mate they dont fit for the 3Spoke from Trampa. Instead you can go with the Flame Cryptic hub which is 8 and 9 Inch compatible. If you are interestet i have them for sale, also nice red and blue 9Inch Primo Striker Tires.

I don’t want to hijack this topics…

But you need to know that Enertion had made in the past Green, red and blue PCB. There changing color, to easily know witch version it is and witch factory it coming from, Chinese are just coping Enertion trade mark, and Chaka Pcb are purple, because it is the only color available at OSH PARK… So these color choice are not for the “cool” factor but are probably made for production tracking.

I was just curious, I’m going 8" for now, and if I don’t like the clearance I’ll change :slight_smile: @Nowind on a sidenote do you know where I could get 4 of those leopards you used in your build? I can only get 1 at the moment from altitude, other European sites have them for an extra 100USD compared to external sites!

@JohnnyMeduse - Whatever their reason the economics is there. When it comes to PCB purchasing people will choose (for Aesthetics purposes) any colour other than standard green first.

I completely understand. Aesthetics is a huge part of making a product sell, sometimes more so than functionality, for example Kanye’s $90 plain white tshirts. But going back to your gears, you have a 5 hole pattern and a 12 hole pattern, I dont see a reasonable way to merge those into an aesthetic design seeing as how their not factors of each other.

@nowind, @JuniorPotato93 how about putting a 2-piece sticker on the visible side of the pulley where the bolt holes are and you can either pull off the inner ring or the outer ring of this sticker to expose the holes that you need. The sticker could look like brake rotors or something like that. it’s a little cheesy but could help with Aesthetics.

You won’t be able to see anything when it’s installed I don’t see why anyone cares on its appearance.


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@barajabali I’m with you on this point. These are 25mm wide. That’s just over anight inch of belt. You’re not gonnap be able to see much once they’re installed.

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Leopards are a hard find for a good price! You wanna go quaddrive or just building 2 boards? Quaddrive Leopard with 12S Roxxy would be niiiiice :imp:

Yes thats it

Funny Idea, some fake brake rotors !

True ! You nearly see anything of it ones its mounted !

If you look at them unmounted i think of course the specific Superstar Hub with cutouts looks better! For me its equal if i drill more holes or mill the cutouts but i think as some of you mentioned for customers its better to have wider range of possible usable Hubs.

yeah quad drive mate :slight_smile: I got an email back from Altitude and their getting some more in for me :slight_smile:

I’m looking high and low for HTD5 72-80t 12-25mm pulleys at the moment, that I can use for my MBS wheels.

Your designs would work, I don’t really care how they look, and it’s easy enough to drill holes to mount them, so that’s not really a concern either. The only thing that turns me off here is the 80€ price tag. I guess I’d be happy with plastic on the wheel pulley too, so that’s kind of a factor, please correct me if I’m wrong but aluminium seems unnecessary for big wheel pulleys with such wide belts? This seems way over engineered?

Maybe I should be looking at the Trampa 66t 15mm pulleys as you mentioned @Nowind, they could work. Still seem way over priced though. I don’t really get it.