E-sk8 meet up / Riders camp 2017

Hey guys.

So @Michaelinvegas made a thread about starting more groupe rides and in general start the conversation. That got me thinking and so I am now starting that conversation. Everything with big “if’s” and “maybys” but you got to start somewhere.

So the Idea would be the following. We find a week in spring/summer 2017 where poeple would like to make a trip and ride with other poeple. So basically what I am proposing is the following:

Would poeple be intrested for a riders camp in switzerland ? Beatiful locations , we can visit almost all of switzerland in a week, beatiful rides etc. What I could offer in terms of budget care is offer the place to stay. Depends on how many we end up being we would either stay in Zürich or Bern. Mayby it sounds far fetched for the most of you, but I used to go anually to sweden and danmark for freeride/downhill events. Switzerland is also just an idea, but would be cool if we had a set week that could become tradition for an international meet up in Europe. I mean bikers, cyclists, skaters and even beatboxer have them so why not the esk8 community in europe ? (In the offchance that someone flys over the pond, they are ofcourse welcome as well :slight_smile:)

Is there intrest for that sort of thing ?


Nice idea, but don’t get caught by the police :wink:

Batteries on planes?

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Great idea!

People, don’t focus on the obstacles.

Focus on the positives. Police? Let’s either find a place where they don’t care or legalise the event or dodge them. Battery on planes? I heard there is a guy in the US that builds custom packs. Maybe he has a good solution… :innocent:

Is there interest?

What would interest you?

There are so many private places or military training grounds that are open to the public if you are really scared about the police. But im asking in generall is the interest ?


i’d be interested.

my land cruiser needs to stretch it’s legs, so would be keen on a road trip as well :wink: road trip from UK to Switzerland, stopping in cities to pick people up!

no planes, no battery worries, easy peasy.


I would love to go to switzerland but I can’t afford it.

Wrong statement @longhairedboy

Sell some boards to European people and deliver your boards personally. Save on the shipping.

Play some gigs while you are over.

That should pay your trip.


sounds wicked :slight_smile:

Just an idea…

If there was some sort of way to borrow or rent batteries in different cities… Crazy idea but would solve the traveling on a plane with it…

Hobby stores? RC clubs or associations? What do you think? Could you reach out to these people and see what could be worked out?

I am that guy haha

No lie, I would totally be willing to meet up in the US. Like a huge meet up. I would load up my car and drive.

It would most likely be in California which is super far from Chicago but I’d still be down

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I could definetly do that.

@Michaelinvegas, that’s the spirit! @barajabali - I know! Was just teasing you. Start developing fly ready battery packs and they might fund your trip…

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Well this why we need to really work together …

Guys …

Let’s identitfy the issues we face in getting together…

Let think of inventive ways to resolve those issues

exactly this.

Issues i can come up with. Room to stay sleep and eat. Travel routes. Side activitys and having fun.

@barajabali start renting out battery packs bro …

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you know what… you’re right. It might take several months over there playing gigs to pay off my tickets, but i think my wife and kids would understand.

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@longhairedboy you should be renting packs out… Lots of Europeans in Florida in the summer