E-Sk8 turns off after hard brake

Heyy guys

I have some problems with my new build diy e-sk8. I am using dual VESC 4.12 from Torque boards, dual Hobbyking sk3 5055 280kv motors and a 10s3p Battery from diyeboard.com. The Problem is that the board often turns off after a hard brake. Not sure what to do. Btw I’m using the BLDC-tool. Hope that someone can Help me(:

Start by posting your settings… 10s and 280kv motor is not the best idea since you will have too high erpm with 4.12






Jeesus you are teying to pull 99amp from a china battery with 3p… Most likely fake cells. And then charge it with 60a…

Have you changed the erpm value? 4.12 should be 60k and -60k if it’s not a upgraded 4.12

No he is not. The battery amps will be limited by the motor amps.

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Yeah you’re right. Still it’s a high number since he doesn’t know what cells are in use.


What could be the problem to cause the VESC to turn off

No its probably the bms just tripping overcharge protection

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How much amps should i set for regen.

Depends on what cells you have. Any idea?

They are 18650 Cells

Yes but what brand?

I have no Idea and on diyeboard.com they dont name any brand):

Absolutely. Its still -73A altogether in this dual setup, I’m also sure that its overcharge protection. Limit battery current max regen to -10 per VESC and try it out.

Thx for the help(:

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