E-skate designs needed

Hi guys

I am considering developing some new products for our EU store; pwrboards.com I know that a lot of you guys are very passionate about this hobby, and spend a lot of time designing your boards. So who better to ask than you guys?

I thought it could be a nice idea, to let you guys come up with your own designs (or just written ideas) for some universal motor mounts and some abs / glass fiber enclosures.

If we choose your design, you will receive some units of the finished product when its finished. You will also receive a gift card to our shop on 100EUR.

There is no limitations. Please feel free to be creative. But remember, that these things need to be sturdy as hell.

The window will be closed buy the end of July.

We look forward to see some of your designs.

Good luck! //Oskar


I love this idea! Thanks for taking steps to include the community in this! Are we supposed to PM the ideas, or post them here?

Thanks for your feedback :smiley: Good question; I guess if you prefer your design to be public, you can post your design here. Otherwise, a PM will be okay too.

I get the idea, but… most of the people who design enclosures and stuff on here actually sell them if they are any good. Giving up those designs might not be something that’s going to happen easily. The other public designs are probably already on Thingiverse if they are made by a non-seller.

Are you looking to purchase the designs, or just get ideas from the people that make the stuff already ?

Most experienced designers/manufacturers are selling their mounts through builders already and have gone through the process of testing/improving their designs based on own experience and customer feedback.

It would be easier to contact a few manufacturers/DIY guys who produce in small batches outside/inside of Europe to see if you can take care of mass distribution for your region. Offer them a good margin and you’re set.

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Yes, I have had that thought too. I guess some people are making the designs to get money, while others just wants their designs to be used. I guess I am somewhere in the middle.

Anyways, we could go on all day debating wether this is a good idea or not. It might be, and it might not. We’ll see :slight_smile:


How do you want the files? .STEP? .STL? Something else? I like the idea, I usually design personal items that can be 3D printed… I’ve only designed maybe a couple enclosures and haven’t done any motor mounts. I do have a bunch of other random things though… But mostly niche designs. If you have any idea for things other than mounts and enclosures, let me know… If I feel inspired by the ideas I might get drawing and testing with prints :sunglasses:

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I feel like there is some good money to be made in selling a waterproof battery that will fit flexy decks like Trampa or loaded decks. Dont think anyone really makes a good solution for this right now.

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I think you need to be more specific, like motor mount for which trucks, what size of enclosure, more like ‘terms of reference’ if this is goin to be some e-skate design competition :smile:

You don’t get it. The mount should fit everything and be stupid strong. :sweat_smile:

As a result, the whole thing will be supported purely with massive grub screws that will dig into the truck over time.

The enclosure should unfold in some clever way to accommodate anything in between 1s1p to 100s100p.

A good design is worth cash. A good designer should get paid, or gets the satisfaction out of releasing a product at near cost price (you sure as hell won’t). If you want cheap labor, a forum contest is not the right place. No matter how well the request is disguised.

Yeah, I guess you have nothing to loose except for your reputation.

Honestly, I find these type of contests unstructured, cheap and it highlights the lacking knowledge of the person organizing it. Just my humble opinion. All the best though.

Take www.eskating.eu as an example please and get some good people on board to design your own products.

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If you’ve made a custom part that is ready for market you should not be giving it away wholly for a voucher and some samples of your own work.

Just think before you submit your hard work please.


It’s not a hobby to some folks any more than “minivan driving” is a hobby for a soccer mom.

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I have to say I’m surprised at animosity shown here, as far as I understand this thing @OskarCastrone is just looking to make some cool shit out of designs and feedback from builders. Where’s the problem?

Here’s a simple fact for you guys…there is 1000 people here that have designed something but lack the relationships or machinery to get it made. So that idea just sits there and doesn’t actually do anything.

Personally, I have given away 20 ish designs (in posts on this forum) for 3d printed gear that I found useful. I’ve seen a couple of instances where those ideas were turned into products being sold without so much as a ‘thanks dude’, but it’s not like I was going to manufacture and sell them. At a minimum @OskarCastrone is willing to reward someone for a cool idea.

Y’all need to check your motivations for the downtalk that is starting to be prevalent around here…


Start with open source stuff. Just follow the license.

I need to publish more often.


How’s about some x-things with built in power button and/or battery % gauge.


Jus give me dimensions and where u want shit to be. Here to serve the community.


Absolutely agree my friend, unless you have something groundbreaking then all it really is is variations on a theme and this is a builders forum not a commerce site. This type of design pool is great for the community in general so good on you @OskarCastrone

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The intended purpose of this contest is profit for a commerce site.

Chill out mate he’s hardly likely to go out and buy a porsche for a different type of flexible enclosure but that enclosure will be readily available for everyone. you missed my point and made the one I replied to.

Sounds awesome dude!

The file type is kind of irrelevant. But since you ask, I will prefer .STL I’m looking forward to see your design(s)!! :smiley: