E-Skate Hotline

So I’ve found that most of the topics we discuss over pm or threads are sometimes pretty difficult to convey via text. I’ve been giving out my personal number to some customers and people with general questions that would be much more efficiently answered verbally.

Anyway, I don’t want to put my number on his thread but if anyone needs help and wants some help with a topic that may be a bit too complicated and drawn out to communicate over text, you can pm me and we can talk about it over the phone.

I’ve Had a lot of success with this method and its nice to meet/talk to people verbally! Builds community.


Very cool idea, maybe i should do something similar for german people. could be good for VESC issues. Maybe even something like teamviewer for the harder ones.

Brilliant. I’d love to help out as well! I’m happy to call, skype, use teamviewer, whatever works for whoever would like.

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