E-skate Law in your Country

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I understand that the law concerning electric skateboarding varies wildly across the world and, given that the UK still does not cover e-skates in law, I would like to know for sure what’s going on in other countries. I started to write a document on it but I’m a bit stuck, as I don’t speak all the languages in the world! :smiley:

Would it be possible for the community to add to this, by replying what’s the law like in your respective country (including any restrictions and the source of your information)? I just think it would be great to have a central repository for all the law info… I’ll share the document once ready.

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I just googled and was surprised

So in Croatia max power for electric bikes is 1/4 kW and 25kmh without pedaling

and all other vehicles without pedals go in a moped category that’s up to 4kW and 45kmh

Anyways I have a 75cc moped that goes 60kmh and was stopped by police only once because I forgot my helmet

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I think it’s a good idea to have all the legality information in one place. Just a note though, in California, you’re allowed on roads with speed limits up to 35mph, not below.

And I think the laws in Cali are a bit different than the rest of the US.


thank you for that!

So e-skates in Croatia can be up to 4kW and go up to 30mph?? Sounds a bit lenient, considering what I’ve been reading from other countries!

Would it be possible for you to share your source? Preferably a link to the law, even if it’s in Croatian?

Cheers, Ricardo

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This is some goverment site translated “Center for vehicles Croatia”

And this news site where its easier to read

Thats probably because there aren’t any accidents and a very few people ride stuff like those electric scooters etc

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In Austria it’s a bit unclear. The police here doesn’t really care so as long as you drive carefully it’s alright :smile:


netherlands is just a nono, you dont get caught everytime but sometimes there is an officer that will take your board

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Thank you for your input! Is there specific legislation saying anything against e-skates? If so, can you please share a link?

Is it not covered by law in Austria at all?

I have seen it but idk where anymore, there is a specific thread on this forum about the laws in the Netherlands there is a specific article that says: motorized skateboards are not allowed :frowning:haha

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As far as I know, there are no clear regulations. There are Ebike laws but as the name already says they are only for E-bikes :smile:

Sweden got max 250 watt and a top speed of 20 km/h.

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you should add country / state in the first column because California is a state not country and other places in the US have different laws, for example Michigan (https://starkmobility.com/blogs/news/are-electric-skateboards-legal-to-ride). And has anyone ever had their board taken away/fined in Cali, because I don’t want to spend all this time making a custom esk8 just to have it taken away. Thank you for making this page.

Here in Brazil there is a ebike law stating 250w and 25 km/h if I’m not mistaken

Nothing about ESK8, I never had a problem ridding in front of cops in at least 4 cities


Denmark per 1/1-2019 states that it has to have a factory limit of 20km/h, insurence is legally needed (No company will offer it though) the board has to have a CE certification.

And you need lights.

And then they also have something like max 30km per charge and up to 10KG for the board.

Basicly more or less illegal here.


Not very clear actually, I can ride on the road at least.:thinking:

Belgium: not included in the current law (so grey). Can be insured separately by 1 insur comp. I check with my insur broker and it seems covered by the general insurance every family has here.

In Lithuania it’s the same as other EU countries, up to 250w for E bikes and scooters. On the other hand, I guess most of us don’t care about these laws.

USA: How illegal varies by state. For the most part a motorized vehicle (regardless of electric or gas) is not allowed on the road (including bike lane) without insurance and a licence plate (which you can’t get)

On the sidewalks, no motorized vehicles period. (How bird and lime get away, beats me)

Now for my specific area, I’ve ridden in front of at least 20 of the area’s cop cars and not one has bothered to pull me over. I ride both in the road, bike lanes, and sidewalks.

@Acido, don’t e-skateboards fall under the L6 category acording to the Croatian law (https://www.cvh.hr/propisi-i-upute/pravilnici/zakon-o-sigurnosti-prometa-na-cestama/pravilnik-o-tehnickim-uvjetima-vozila-u-prometu-na-cestama/)?

Or are these not actually included in the law? Categories L1 and L2 have a different count of wheels…

Thank you for your help!