E-Skate Motion activated sound Alarm. An alarm thought for our rides

Finally the components i ordered arrived and i could work on this simple project! it Works great!!! :slight_smile: I felt like frankenstein, i modified an already existing sound alarm to make it triggered by movement, and turned on and off with a basic garage door style remote control. If moved , the alarm will start making noise for a about 1 minute and 30 seconds then stops. If moved again restart making noise for 1 minute and a half, and so on. Total dimensions 6cmx3cmx2cm ( not including the 9v battery) Works on 9v battery, but with small and super compact voltage regulator can work to 40v with no problem. When in stand by, and when motion sensing mode it draw 1 mA/h, when the alarm goes on it draws 40 mA/h so there is no problem with depleting your on board batteries if you decide to connect it directly to them.

Would you guys be interested in something like this for your boards?

( sorry for potato video and photo quality, my phone died and i have a really old one)

LINK TO SHORT VIDEO DEMONSTRATION: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tch7kHefsdI

This is the alarm i modified, if you ever heard one of theese you know how much strong they sound:

And this is the end result:


That is genius!! I wouldn’t mind a tutorial on how to adapt this to esk8…

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i am glad you liked the idea! I don’t think i will make a tutorial of this ,I was thinking maybe i will make some and put them on ebay and see how it goes there

i’d like to see a tutorial. I’m pretty sure others would too. I think its interesting.

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This is pretty neat, I would build one

Nice idea, though I doubt it would stop anyone from stealing your board. For anyone interested in a tutorial it’s pretty simple just remote switch with a accelerometer probably connected to a MCU with a bit of code to do this.

I think I’ll ask the question he obviously wants us to ask:

How much are you going to sell them for brotha?!

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I don’t need it, but I want it.


Considering cost of material and more important the time to make it would be around 30-35€

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…but…tutorial…and sell for those who don’t want to make it