E-skating in norway - trouble with police?

Hello. Is there many people here from norway? Do you get stopped by the police if you ride your e-board?

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There’s a thread I think about it but also wondering eu laws atm if anything’s changed

I read the other day that it might be allowed in norway soon, since classy walk and segway is allowed now…

I think that you will have more trouble with snow than police :smiley:


Hehe. There is only snow in the winter, nov/des to feb/march. Usually its gone in April. At least here in the south of norway.

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Havnt had any problems yet, however I havent really ridden where there is alot of police though, so cant say for sure…

I have been driving past the police in Tromsø without any problem. I had lights on. Think I have read somewhere that you should be above 16y old, have lights on and dont drive above 20km/h, and you should be fine.

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Yeah, thats the law for segway’s and similar

Meybe i should invest in some lights then. :thinking: What is the easiest/cheapest way to get “legal” lights on your board? Are there many here on the forum from Norway?

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Small LED bike lights are good enough, just find a way to mount them properly, the ones with rubber bands seems to vibrate loose all the time on my trucks.

Would also like to know how many are from Norway. I know from experience that its hard to get hold of eboard parts in Norway without having to pay half the price in shipping and import taxes. I have designed and ordered a small batch of milled motor mounts for all motor sizes and with idler pulleys. In 7075 aluminium black anodized, if anyone is interested. I will make a thread about them soon.

IN Ireland If you’re under 16 years old your classified as a young offender. Meaning that your crimes won’t really be punished something about not at the age to know what they’re doing LOL.


Hahaha ya unless you fuck o big time then it’s st.pats.

What’s ur experience with the guards here

well, I’m no criminal But I see gipsies getting away with everything from Throwing rocks at Gardi (police) cars and Robbing anything under 300 Euros. And the Garda well I just think they’re incompetent can’t blame them.

They never try to pin bylaws on people if there was a bicycle on a sidewalk going fast 80% of the time they wouldn’t say anything. If you’re polite they will just say thank you for listing. but I saw angry gipsies cursing at them and getting away scot free So I dunno.

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only three people here from Norway? @Mikaelj @FredrikHems Am i right? Anybody else? :thinking:

In Croatia police reacts to everything over 30€ and over 16 you are punished as an adult… But the police isnt so effective…

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How do they react to e-skating?

They dont care, i even have a goped like a scooter with a 43cc engine and I drive past them every day they just give a thumb up and go their way But I thini everything over 50cc and 1kw needs to be registered and you need to have a licence

Bribe still cheaper than a ticket, good deal :smiley:

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I dont think that would work in Norway, or was that a joke? :smile:

Yeah drunk drivers going 10mph over the limit pay like what 20 euros (In Moscow country side etc much cheaper) Also, a Ticket is not an option they threaten to take your licence etc.

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