e-Subsonic skateboards are coming


State of the art components…thats also available to this closed circle of people called; everyone :smiley:

Jokes aside, board looks nice. Whats the pricepoint?


dope deck, dope components… yeah looks legit. I am sure it will cost a nice sum, but you will have a quality board! It looks like they took the best(or near best) components from the DIY community and created a killer product.

Now if they get @Sender to skin these bitches… you will have liquid fire on your hands!

— on a side note, what motors are those? 6355 Maytech(custom)


Hmmmmm… Was this 20 years of their design or possibly someone else’s…

image image


What makes you think they are custom? Smooth black cans would be the MTO6355 170HA-C

It was a question more so than a statement.

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Interesting. psycho mounts, marcmt88 wheel hubs and I assume gears.

Anyway, this is great news, more old school high end niche longboard companies getting into the pool.

This part’s a little weird (@Subsonic_Paul)

40 cells for standard, 36 cells for the “upgrade”.

eboosted’s page says the enclosure fits 13s5p (65 cells) 18650. or 12s4p (48) 21700. I can see not wanting the enclosure jammed full for production/custom boards, but there’s plenty of room for say 12s4p 18650.

I’m sure everything’s early stages though.


motors used in the video measure 6368 pretty sure they are racestars. The board is subsonics demo board and wanted to try the motors see how they run and how long it will last. For at least 10 first boards will have flipsky 6354s 190kv.


keeping my eye :eye: on this one wassup!? @topcloud


Thanks my brother. We’re not working with Subsonic, yet please know we sincerely wish this venture every success for the future.

Our community always benefits from fair competition as it helps produce higher-quality (and safer) stuff, for us all.

I think these look terrific. @adman’s builds are tried-and-true, @marcmt88 's wheels are great and Alan @Eboosted seems to be unable to produce an ugly board across his entire line. Go to eBoardsperu.com and show me the ugly one - you can’t.

A lot of us saw the potential for the 40" Subsonics a long time ago. We applaud @adman for realizing this venture with @Subsonic_Paul. Congrats guys :slight_smile:


You’re too humble brother.




Yeah, fuck that… dirty Vato :pensive::pensive::pensive::pensive:

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@Touch415 Karma is a bitch brother

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The battery description is now corrected. When i explained that the 12s had more torque and speed they asumed it was an upgrade. As of the number of cells that we are using i asumed how subsonic just started to electry im went with smaller/lighter/cheaper way with the packs. Next line they will have more options.

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Is that there Board?

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I think @Eboosted’s will come out very similar. That one :point_up_2: I believe is @adman’s.


Congrats you guys, good to hear you are moving forward on this!


I hoped this to happen one day, and it does today ! thank’s guys !

Here is a (background) video of the feeling I get with my Century 40 DH board in action : http://www.eriderz.org

I hope I could have the same on flat with this e-Century 40 !

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come test one out. You can try it on 107s or pneumatic 154s