E-Sugar (round 2) | Flat braid power wires under GF top | VESC | TBD

Alrighty… resurrecting an old project that was sitting on the bench frustrating me.

(this is how it looked minus the breather fabric - collecting dust on my bench in garage)

Here’s the start, channels, and wires installed.

(lesson learned here - i would now scuff/sand the paint to give it a bit extra grip, and use epoxy instead of poly)

Really like the result except for the lumps at the 90 connectors…

So now we are pretty much caught up to today. I didn’t feel like the FG/GF was really sticking… and it peeled off easily with just my hands…(that’s not good).

So i re-sanded the top and sides, then used some epoxy this time with the last piece/section of this blue GF. I did not use the vacuum pump, merely wanted to get this functional and usable. I have almost everything to have a 3rd deck for guests - so time to get it done!

I’m cutting some corners and did not pull the 90* wires to fix the lumps. Good enough.

here’s the partially finished results:

Want to repaint the edges black, and the bottom needs some cleanup, and re-drill the holes as they are nicely clogged with epoxy now. Some grip and ready for electronics next. I might leave a stripe of the blue bare to give it some color on top besides grip.

Going to go a single motor setup - trying to pick which.

Tacon Bigfoot 160 - 245kv SK3 6374 192kv SK3 6374 149kv

Single older VESC, BLDC @6/8s or possibly as high as 10s.

I have one of psychotiller’s mounts i might try, or get another Enertion or DIYes.

Will update more when i get the next pieces figured out and installed.

Thanks for reading and any questions/comments.


I remember the first time you said that this build got stolen. Looking good! Go 10S 192kv. More powa!

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that blue GF looks extremely cool :open_mouth:

how will the enclosure/battery layout be? wondering because you used these incredibly long wires ontop of the board!

3rd world problems :joy:

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No, unfortunately my complete e-GBomb got nabbed from my car. At work in the locked garage (with no cameras apparently). Super lame, but a reminder to not leave anything valuable in the car…
I left the window cracked maybe 1/4-1/2 in… Old subaru not much challenge as they didn’t even bust the window.

My e-GBomb (RIP):

A couple projects down the road i’ll re-build it. I have the new custom subsonic deck in hand now, and these next couple are practice on GF/CF laminating and vacuum before messing with it.


HA! Thanks man. It’s a bit rough. I could sand it smoother and take the time, but it’s going to be under grip… If i wanted it perfect i’d have fixed the wire bumps… I think we’ll re-name those “foot placement learning aids…” yeah!

Appreciate it - i’ll hopefully be getting better and the next ones will be a bit more polished. I have at least 2 more builds to go. (until i use up my motors and VESCs). I have a pair of the Tacons and 149’s. So either dual motor setups or twice as many boards!

I waaay overbuilt the wires - they are probably 10 or 8g equivalent. I want to enclose the batteries at the front, and VESC in the back - leaving the middle nice and clean.

Same here on a few edits before done… no worries. Definitely 1st world problems! I put up a small quiver rack in the garage and last time i checked i’m around 9 or 10 boards… I did lend a couple and not get them back… but no less than 8. Only 2 besides Marbel are electric (DIY).

sorry haha, I should really read, then think, then write. often I reply and keep adding stuff cause my brain caught up! :smile_cat:

Got some progress tonight! a little blood, some cussing, and progress!

Drilled out the epoxy filled truck placement holes. Not a flat deck so kinda a PITA but it wanted to follow the previous through soft epoxy vs harder wood.

definitely not perfect, but definitely not going to peel off like the polyester resin before…

I sanded the excess epoxy off the sides and tried to cleanly do the same on the bottom w/o ruining the graphics. Moderately successful. Sampson (our pup) was hanging out and supervising.

Finally something i’m good at ('ish!):

Viscious grip tape! I always have to re-learn this lesson:

Gripped and ready!

I got the trucks mounted already and still am tinkering with which motor and wheels. Right now i have the 83mm flywheels and SK3 149kv mounted.

Love a kick-tail for maneuverability! so functional. Going to be a great setup.