E_Tesseract | Single 6374 Sk3 | Spacecell 10s4p | Gullwing Sidewinders | Abec 11 83mm

First build, what a learning curve ! The brief for this build was for a small board easy to carry and not too scary for my fiance to ride. She picked out the loaded tesseract from a google images search on longboards and I found one on gumtree with caliber 2’s and o’tang kilmers for $250.

At first I was going to use dual 1800w Sk3’s but then I found some 170kv 3kw’s that Baja deemed not effiicient enough for their boards on ebay for a bargain. Leaves me a spare vesc for my next project. Then began the wait, the wait for vesc’s during the great vesc shortage of 2016 then the wait for hobbyking bits - frustrating ! I want to buy local and support local business but no one stocks anything ! Went with a spacecell and enertion mount and pulley and silky smooth abec 11 83mm 75a wheels The spacecell is big. Really big ! I measured up before I ordered but had no idea just how big it would be on the board. Wheel bit straight up but I took it for it’s virgin run anyway. Can see the rubbing on the case - I was just going to go around the block but was having too much fun, Didn’t use locktight :confused: so that ended my maiden trip but was really happy with the results ! Board needed a push to get going smoothly - motor was hunting on startup so I had to do some research on vesc config. Also needed a new case. My evolve bamboo had had an accident while on loan to a dodgy mate of mine. He thought nylocks were maintenance free and the drive wheel feel off. Would have been worth it had I witnessed him skate his face ! While this was out of action I borrowed the case to size up. Nearly perfect ! Hardest part was getting everything to fit in the much smaller case. The 7ah battery the bamboo has is much shorter. In retrospect I would have gone for the 7.5 ah space cell. Bit of overkill 10 for this board. Adjusted the minimum erpm and current settings until I achieved a nice smooth take off, brakes are good, not too grippy but pull me up. I found the calibers really tough to turn. No kicktail on the truncated tesseract. I’m used to the carving nature of the evolves so I threw a gullwing sidewinder on the front. The result ? Stable with much improved turning ability. 7.5kg small enough for a commute and 10ah - thinking 30k plus range is achieveable with this vesc setup. Really fun little board ! Been a great learning experience - am better prepared for next time ! Hardest part of all this has been finding the perfect case. Being in Australia and so far removed from the rest of the world, currency exchange rates and shipping make alot of options really expensive. When I first started looking into this I was simply after more range for my evolve carbon. Read all these great blogs of guys in the US and europe building their own packs. reality for me is I can have packs built cheaper per cell than buying them seperately. I’ve ended up jumping into a DIY hobby that’s not showing signs of slowing down.


Looks cool. I was thinking also of doing a sidewinder on the front, sounds like it would work great.

Nice, another Truncated tesseract build! I love mine too.

Nice build! I was really wanting to use the Truncated Tesseract, but wasn’t sure that the wheelbase was big enough for my enclosure but it’s the same size as the space cell, so this helps me a lot!

Edit: my bad, didn’t read and see the last few Pics before commenting, maybe it is a bit small for my enclosure. I’m thinking of making a deck custom and basing it off the tesseract.

i wonder if you could add freebard bindings …

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Did around 10 km this morning before a wire came loose from the BMS bringing me to a complete stop. Quick patch up then decided to play it safe and head home. Belt started slipping alot then I noticed the belt rubbing. :frowning:

In my impatience I had removed the inner bearing from the enertion drive pulley damaging it in the process so I went without it. Bad mistake. Pulley has melted due to the friction and the force also caused some damage to the inner hub of my abecs. Lucky I had a spare. Did it properly this time ! Alot more torque now ! Nearly fell off when I jumped on it again. Top speed has increased as well. Officially faster than my evolve GT :slight_smile:

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Don’t think thats for me. I like moving around the board a bit. Chased the cat with my board and kept the trigger on against the bed. :open_mouth:

Good news is the little shit won’t come near me for a week now :laughing:


maybe a bit short. Found this this morning

Motor cables being rubbed where the cables came through :frowning:

Changed the rear truck to a sidewinder as well and rear mounted the motor.

It turns on a dime now ! I prefered the stealthy hidden motor though and above 25k it starts getting the wobbles. Not sure what to do - I originally wanted a smaller commuter and with this setup I could weave through pedestrians real easy but I prefer the look and the handling at speed of the caliber. I replaced the rear stock bushings with 83a’s but it is still a bit shaky.

Got some belt cogging happening as I didn’t leave any room for adjustment when drilling the motor mounts. Will rout them out this week and give it another go.

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I fixed the cogging issue and tidied up the cabling, I think I will leave the sidewinders. I’ve used the calibers on the vanguard and earmarked my spare r spec for another build. Gone full evolve fan boy and put the 83mm 75a’s that came with my GT. They are a really good option, wider than the abecs and a different choice in colour

I still have to make a permanent electronics cover and I might round the motor mount to follow the profile of the motor.

Up to 91a bushing on the back and it’s fine at 30k’s. That white cover will be gone next week !


hey i know this is super old but i want to use gullwings on my eboard. I’m considering getting this to use with this for my mount. D’ya think that would work?

thanks man!

The gullwings aren’t straight, they’re tapered. I bought the rear hanger from evolve and made up a bracket from some ally. Rock solid then. Might be hard to line that bracket up straight.

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did you try filing the truck to make it flat? that’s what i’m considering doing

No I didn’t, but I’m sure you could quite easily.

did that end up working ?

i didn’t file them but it worked anyway. I basically JB-welded a cheap ebay mount on, put my drill through one of the set screw holes on the mount and drilled into the truck a little, then put a screw through the mount and into the truck. Super solid mount, but it turns out that was a mount for 50mm motors and mine was 63mm so i had to abandon it. It worked though, i ghetto-rigged the motor on to test it.

Maintenance day. Just in time. Saw a black flash mark on the spacecell where it folds over between cells 5 and 6.

Opened it up and the 4 nickel strips all broke. :frowning: Glad I found this now! Welded some more strips across. Good as new :slight_smile:

Hey, so i think this may have happened to my enertion spacecell, I saw a flash and have not opened it up yet. any tips on repairing this?

yeah that looks identical to mine. very careful ! lots of potential in that pack. You might have only lost one nickel strip so when you fold the pack over, brace that last pack so you don’t stress the remaining strips. They’re possibly ready to go anyway. Don’t do this on a metal bench, only have at hand what you need - tape all other live battery connections to avoid accidental contact with any metal. No BMS protection here. I re welded nickel strips to mine as I’ve got a spot welder. Really the best way to do this. Soldering can damage the cells. If you do solder use 10 AWG cable at minimum. Use flux, a really hot iron and soak the cable in solder before you do it. Have it saturated. This won’t give as neat a form factor so you will have to be sure it will work for your enclosure.

How did you get your battery out of that white glue in the space cell enclosure?

Just carefully pry and cut with exacto