E-Toxx belt drive I Trampa holypro I MBS: F5 bindings + heelstraps, T2 9" tires, FiveStar hubs, MatrixII trucks I Roxxy ESC's I Turnigy: SK3 192kv motors, Graphine 6S 5000mAh 65C (wired in series for 12S)

Gearing up for my next build here guys. Waiting on a couple more items. Gonna be sick!


Speed controllers came today (-:


Still waiting on some parts, figured I’d put together what I can.

Some fancy lookin’ batteries here. Almost didn’t wanna cover 'em with shrink wrap. Was gonna go with Zippies, but they’re a little longer than the Graphines, and I was concerned about having enough space for all the wiring. Don’t want any wire protruding from the edge of the deck if at all possible. Nice they come with XT90s. Little less soldering to do.


I’m green as frog balls when it comes to most of this stuff, and borderline retarded in general, but I can wrap the shit out of a Christmas present :wink:



Very nice super clean

I like the 9inch wheels

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That is a monster Love the look of it :smile:

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Thanks for the positive feedback here guys. I’m super crunk to get this thing going :grin:

MBS killed it with their new lineup. I’ve been riding one of their comp brake boards over the last year or so just for bombing hills. F5’s are super kush memory foam, and check difference in turning radius between the Matrix trucks and the Trampas:

As someone previously mentioned on another thread, these Trampas turn like a mac truck. I don’t understand why they would be designed to be this tight. Mind you, the first pic above is with yellow dampas with 1/4" holes drilled down through the center of each. I can’t imagine how anyone would want to ride with any of the other colors. I’m a snowboarder; I like to be able to gently lean into my carving, as apposed to straining my feet and ankles to make turns.

I tried pulling the dampas out altogether and just riding on springs awhile back, but it felt like it would be super sketchy at high speeds; honestly, starting to wonder the same thing about the Matrix trucks too. Been awhile since I rode my downhill board. Top end on this build’s gonna be pretty insane. May switch to the orange shockblocks if need be:


Wanted to give a big shout out to the guys at ProgressiveRC. Got an ICharger308 awhile back. Badass machine, and the staff’s been super helpful.

Let’s get some pics! This is a super nice build. How are you charging?


Thanks! Nothing new to show yet really. Waiting on the mounts, but Jenso did start a thread showing pics of the milling process: http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/beltdrive-system-for-mbs-matrix-2-trucks-htd5-25mm-on-five-star-hubs/10558

As far as charging: do you mean like the settings and soforth?

Ok, got it to work now. Couldn’t post direct link on other computer for some reason.

are the batteries better than normal lipos???


From what I read, which really wasn’t much (couple lines on a forum somewhere), graphenes are Turnigy’s high-end line of lipos; in that they can handle more charges than their other batteries.

I’ve just been trying to follow along with whatever nowind’s been using. I would’ve went with Zippies, but I wanted to mount the batteries perpendicular to the board and the graphenes are a little shorter. Didn’t want any wires protruding from the edge of the deck if at all possible.

I have built something similar (http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/dorian-wiskow-emtb-build-trampa-holypro-17-twin-sk3-6374s-twin-max6-escs-6s-16-000mah-lipo/10859), but went with Hobbywing waterproof MAX6 ESCs and a 6S 16,000mAh battery. Have a look at my build log for more info.

I found the ‘jolt’ from the ESCs to be tricky to handle on both acceleration and braking, so developed a little board to be able to apply an acceleration/deceleration curve. This stopped me being thrown off the board when ‘stepping on the gas’ or braking and made my board as smooth as butter to ride.

@benjammin am really interested in your comment about Trampa Dampas . . . how did you manage to fit the shockblocks to the Infinity trucks?

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Hi Dorian, greetz from another goofy/lefty :relaxed:

No shockblocks on the Trampa trucks. I used yellow dampas w/1/4" holes drilled down through the center of each to loosen them up a little bit. The new board using shockblocks is with MBS matrixII.

I’m very interested in your magic board here! I’ve gotten used to the ‘jolt’ when riding. I actually like it tbh, although I almost ate shit the other day braking for a squirrel that ran out in front of me :sweat_smile: That was the first time I went from full throttle, to full brakes that quickly. Very difficult to hang onto!

However, you got me kinda spooked about the idea of losing contact with the receiver and locking up unexpectedly. Does that actually happen? Is there any way to have a setting that only gets applied when signal is lost? Also I too would like to have other people ride with me without getting injured. I had one friend try it out so far. He almost banana peeled right off the bat and hasn’t wanted to get back on since :grinning:

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Hi, just saw this thread. I was riding with orange shock blocks initially and thought they were crazy hard to turn with, so switched to yellow as loose as possible. That was great at low speed, and still is for cruising slowly, treating it like a surf/snowboard. But at higher speeds I’ve hit major speed wobble and come off a couple of times. So now I’m switching back to orange for the BMX track or fast speeds, and will keep the yellow for grassy hill shredding :slight_smile:. They’re pretty easy to switch out at least.

Oh I should probably say, this is on the MBS Matrix Pro ii trucks. Not entirely relevant to your thread, but just thought I’d chip in! Your new build looks sweet.

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Hi, thanks for the info.

Been a little leery about keeping the yellow shockblocks in on this one. Gonna try switching back to orange. I am using Matrix Pro II though. Accidentally left the ‘pro’ off on the title. Not really much difference between the two from what I understand, other than being slightly lighter. And the pros come with orange shockblocks rather than yellow.

I really like your build btw. Been following along for awhile now :slight_smile:

Nice build man and the range of those trucks!

I have yellow drampas on my board and like everyone I felt like they were too tight at first but you can proper lean when carving and I quite like that. It gets sketchy over 16mph for me as I start to get speed wobbles but I’m getting better.

I’ll be keeping an eye on your build, looks sweet!

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Thanks man, can’t wait to get this one going! I really like yours as well. Looks badass with all the carbon fiber! Gonna be adding the same esc mount to my other build: http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/e-toxx-motor-mounts-trampa-holypro-ultimate-trucks-primo-alpha-8-tires-superstar-hubs-mbs-f5-bindings-w-trampa-heelstraps-turnigy-sk3-192kv-turnigy-nano-tech-8s-hobbywing-max6/9305

The trick to avoiding speed wobbles, aside from tight trucks, is to keep your weight forward. What I’ve found to work for me, considering you can’t really get into a tuck like you would on a longboard, when you’re strapped into bindings, is to push down and back with my rear foot (if that makes sense). Sounds counterintuitive, but this helps me center my weight over my front foot. Also works well for the jolt during take off.

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