E-Toxx DirectDrive VS Trampa Vesc6 VS Leopard 8072-170kv VS Nowind

Who will die first :joy: Maybe all survive, but i dont think that this would be funny :laughing:

Starting here a new tread with known and also new parts in different combination…

More then one reason for it :slight_smile:

  1. Looking for hard testing of the new Vesc-6
  2. Also wanna really try to kill one of my drivegears… dont managed that until now
  3. Got more then one request for 80mm Motors on Direct Drive, so checking for clearence btw
  4. wanna use the 80mm Leopards agian, always loved this shiny red big bad MTF

So here we go with a slightly used Direct Drive (its one from the CNC machined Premium ones… but dont matters… in the end if it here fits we will be fine with the Laser Cutted ones too because they are little narrower…

Still attached is the Belt Pulley from my Flampa Build, here is the link to the tread on esk8b :

shiny new Vesc6, hooked up for a short test with 12S Lipo and Dymond 63mm Outrunners… they work so we can start to push the limits :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is where a 63mm Motor start to looks tiny

First test mock up on the Vertigo Truck

Things will be tight… hard to see but on nearly full tilt with the actually “elastomere damping setup” AKA @Duffman starts this years ago

Using my Leopard adapters from the Chaindrive Kit, best 7075 aluminium stuff as always …

To be continiued …



Can you take full advantage of 80mm motors w/ VESCs? I would have thought the amps would be a bottleneck.

Its Vesc6 Dude, we will screw the amps up to new Limits … hopefully I think with 120a this things starts to breath heavily… on a continious level you will never extend that 80A limit IMO, only burst for short periods of time Super interrested if we get it on a brutal Roxxy level with better control and all the nice Vesc features…

@benjammin that guy drives me crazy … pissing my pants Dude


if the vesc6 really delivers 60 constant Amps that would be [email protected] so >50000Watt in Dual with 10 000Watt possible MaxAmp bursts. And tons of torque from the Leo 8072 I guess thats more than enough, otherwise @Nowind will be Highway-Ready then.

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Oh, shit,…first i thought it’s a fucking mirror :wink:

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Well, as if I didn’t already have enough analysis paralysis w/ my build :slight_smile: .

Let’s see some molten metal!





@nowind’s gonna be all like,

Then comes the 4wd version when he gets bored of this…:fearful:

Let the mayhem begin!


You will have fun @Nowind I’m using your Belt system with the same setup (80A max) 12s8p and it’s got an amazing kick to it, even up hill :slight_smile:

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@Namasaki @XvDarkVAngelvX @Mobutusan

Where you get all this funny shit :joy:

@racidon Nice Dude you got it running ! Are you running in FOC or in BLDC ?

YES! Ive been waiting for this day!

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Sweet as bro, like the matching flutes on the Leopard adapters, not going to get in the way of keeping em cool. Nice touch with practical application :wink:

Clearance Looks tight, what set up are you running on the trucks in the rear? Outer yellow or?

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Just following roughly the form of the Leopard…

No its actually a Elastomere Damping Element … All honor is @Duffman… he testet this a year or longer ago… their is a tread on German forum

Maybe he will translate in english anytime… i know he is really busy…

Will check also with just springs added if their is any clearence conflict


I just Google the type of meme I want, and click images. Presto,… all the memes to my disposal. :grinning:


Removed the Beltpulleys from the Leo´s, they where only glued …

Take a Torch, wait until it smell (-;

Grap the Pulley in a Vice, turn the motor and move it out

wipe of old glue :

I shortened the Shafts with a angle grinder, fresh cutter and one fast cut… easy This is what needet to remove on the normal E-Toxx Direct Drive, about 33mm free shaft length… about 11mm on the Leo´s

Glued the new spurs to the shaft, use brake cleaner first, aply fresh Loctide 603 or 638 …

Turn the shaft and make sure that you reach most of the contact area let it sit, make sure that nothing ran into the bearing/motors (-;

Forget about the thread you see here, its not enough flesh … only glue !

Checked again for the super tight fit …

So the cutoff in the adapter is also need for clearence to the truck clamping part @Cobber Not only for venting :kissing_closed_eyes:

Holy Shit this is tight IMO

The mount use see here is a prototyp, was testing if it make sense to machine some pockets for wheight reduction in the stainless mount… laying around and just use it for checking clearence now

I mount it on one of the full machined aluminium ones, here the clearence to the Baseplate is about 7mm per side smaller then on the regular Direct Drive… will now mount the stuff for max tilt clearence check

:imp: come back later :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


:astonished: Got lucky there dude… couldn’t have designed it tighter if you tried! How does the clearance look out the back of the board. Do the motors protrude past the rear tires, or are they just inside too?

the motors probably stick past it. on my drive setup with 6374’s the motors just barely clear. about 3-5mm inside 8" street tires. those beasts are way bigger. cant wait for the video jens:smiling_imp: