E-Toxx -NoWind - Garage Summer Sale -

Yeah need to say good bye to some brand new stuff, too much projects :

Here we go :slight_smile:

2x Maytech MTVESC 100A , without switch, CAN connector, Sensor Adapters, USB Cable K800_P1030852K800_P1030854K800_P1030851K800_P1030853!


Bought in May, paid 340€, selling for 270€ shipped to US

2x A200S vesc6 based Killer ESC 16S - 200A Machine Wanted to build the sickest board EVER, actually i cant due the accident, up to you :

K800_P1030846K800_P1030850K800_P1030848K800_P1030847! K800_P1030850

Complete Thread on Vesc-Project https://vesc-project.com/node/339

Brandnew never used, bought in May, paid 950€, selling for 820€ shipped to US

FX Steering Damper with Trampa Vertigo Baseplate drilled, E-Toxx Mounting Brackets Springs, Dampas, Screws



looking like a little bit** … LOL new, fits to Trampa eATB builds complete shipped to US 130€

E-Toxx Street Carver Beltdrive “discontiniued” Blue Anadozised, CF Braces AND Black Aluminium Braces, Idlers with the shorter Aluminium Braces fits better to 6374 Motors includet Belts, Motorpulley 15T 10mm Bore, Keyways






This pictures from my Street CArver with same Mounts on ABEC 107mm only for ilustrations 6374 APS Motors, 15/40 Gearing, Idlers :





asking 230€ shipped to US

paypal : [email protected], send in €, first come, first serves

more stuff is coming … maybe… need to dry my tears

Hang Loose


Oh man I’ve been wanting a set of A200S ESC’s forever! Damn… Are you selling only as a set or would you do just one? I’ve been thinking about getting one for a jet powered surf board or hydrofoil…

I got a ebike build in the works. I’m on his pre-order for the second version (1.3)of the A200S but… That’s tempting.

What’s the difference between the v1.2 and 1.3?

What type of motor are you going to be using (I know it don’t be an Esk8 motor). Just curious cause I’ve considered building one of these. What will you be running it at? 16s or 18s? What type of battery will you be using and how big? Lol sorry for all the questions, I’ve just been wanting one of these for so long, they’re like the holy grail of VESC’s! If money wasn’t an issue I’d be running a 4WD with these with like 80100 motors, lol. Anyways, sorry, didn’t mean to side track the thread. That is an incredible ESC though!

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Changes outlined here. I may only go up to 15s as the motor is 225kv. Ideally at 15s I’d like to burst 12kw. Constant is unknown because it’s a downhill MTB and I don’t plan on pedaling much. I already have the bike and a12s6p battery, just waiting on motor kit to be built and shipped. Then I’ll be happily cruising at least 55mph on a bike or climbing a mountain with ease.

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Hey, I am interested in the E-Toxx Street Carver Beltdrive. How much do you ask for it in the EU?

259€ shipped withinh the EU

hehe hydrofoild you say :rofl: maybe i got more parts for you :






Its the Reisenauer MotorChief 1:5 with complete Assorter Box https://www.reisenauer.de/aid-1415-MOTOR-CHIEF-5-1-4P-br-mit-Alu-Konus-Stahl-M10-br-Assorter-Loctite-Hochleistungsfett.html Motor is the SSS 56-114-390kv, Motorshaft was lathed down to fit the Spurgear

Both bought in 11/2017 , brandnew, newer used, SSS was 200€, Planetary was 350€ both together 430€

And yeah i would think about to sell you ONE of the AS200 with (-; Just let me know



Awesome! Man you have so much cool stuff! Can the SSS 56-114 run on anything above even 12s, especially since it’s a 390kv motor? I was planning on using the A200S on like an 80100WC motor with a custom kv so hopefully a planetary gear wouldn’t be necessary. Though I have only been looking into those for a few months so I wouldn’t be surprised if they require a planetary gearbox. What kind of battery setup would that SSS motor require?

Edit: I just Googled the Super Chief and its gone down a lot since when you purchased it.


The SSS can took up to 115 Volts, around 45000 rpm max My plan was to use it on 12S Battery, something like 12S6P Samsung Q30 for beginning

The A200S was bought to be used with eATB with 80100 APS Motor on 16S (-;

Damn that would have been the most powerful setup! Ok that’s cool, so inrunners handle voltage better than outrunners then? Tempting…

If you get them geared down properly its really tempting with the Inrunner concept. Got 2 more SSS laying around for a eATB, :skull:

That would be perfect for a jet powered canoe! Lol. Gosh I wish I could just build whatever I wanted too. Gotta get a CNC first I think, haha. Oh well. Ok so I’ll check to see how much money I’ll have soon and let you know about the A200S. I started a thread like a year ago about how those ESC’s would make the most powerful builds and that they’d be perfect in a surfboard or e-foil, unfortunately some people just started talking shit and the thread good closed… :frowning:


hehe sorry for knownless people, they are everywhere :joy: i felt in love with the A200S instantly, i saw them, i ordered, insane machine IMO yeah just think about, let me know

Steering DAmper / Baseplate SOLD!!!

I was wrong, its the Motorchief Planetary still cost 275€ with the assorter Box Motoradapter not includet, another 15€


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Did you ever get to use them in a build? I imagine with the size of motors you can put on them you’d have an obscene amount of torque and definitely amazing acceleration and top speed. Only down side is their crazy price. The thread I started was to see if anyone could build the A200S like @Lukepl does with his ESCape’s… Surely it can’t cost like $500 in parts… I’m guessing maybe $200… But what do I know, lol. It’d be worth it though!

No never used, the plan was to build the scariest 2WD eATB ever with huge Mefo Tires and 80100APS. After my accident i´m not that much into building this anymore :joy: When i bought them i compared to 340€ VESC6 price and 100€ more for more on Amps and Voltage seems okay… but of course in the end for Dual build next to 1000€ only for ESC :roll_eyes:

Yeah that is rediculous…

Though you could of gotten stewii vesc 6 clone for £240, so you could of built 2 AWD or 4 2WD or an AWD and 2 2WD, lol.

Steering Damper Assembly SOLD

SSS56114 SOLD Reisenauer Planetary SOLD 1x A200S SOLD


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Thanks Bro

2X Maytech : SOLD

@topcloud sorry but, we don’t have a case for it, and I don’t think so we are going to make it as it is not so popular… Plus internal design is complicated to make decent cooling solution.

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