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Im sure it could have been alot worse without a spine protector. I’m happy that it will be without surgery for you.

I almost mailed you a get well gift with the return address on my order. But figured it would show to the shop and not the hospital.

Hoping for a quick recovery for you. Don’t forget to drink your Milk so you can start depositing that calcium repair :slight_smile:

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Hope you’re not gonna need surgery. Looks like you dodged a bullet. Get well. Looks like you need a fun project to keep you busy for the next few weeks. Let me suggest one of these…


Sorry to read this Jenso, rest easy and don’t aggravate it. Avoid the surgery and HEAL

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Hey @Nowind, I’ve just caught back up with this thread. Really sorry to hear the news, but very glad that you are okay. Hope the x-ray check is in your favour and that your recovery is as quick and painless as possible. Lower back injuries suck arse.

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Hey Dudes and Buddys,

really have to apologize for my “not respond” on this forum for 8 weeks! This lumbar body injury really fucked my mind! I fullfilled webshop orders and warranty stuff but was not able to be active on the forum. Why? Because it makes me sad to sitting here with workshop full of crazy boards and new stuff i cant ride, you know i rode nearly daily the last three years, not knowing how well the recovery is and with lots of pain i really drifted away… painkillers-alcohol-netflix-druqz-playstation-VR-resident evil-GTA-more alcohol-more druqs-more painkillerz-BRAINFUCK… freaking bad times… brake up my longtime relationship with my wife…trampa breaks up our buisness relationship… Groundzero :rofl:

Enough of mouning and whining

Back to Passion Back to Buisness

Having some nice new stuff for you guys i will present the next days.

One Life, live It

Hang Loose Jenso


So, so relieved to know you safe (I mean, even if you come back from hell :disappointed: ). Take care of you bro, don’t waste yourself with bad shit.

Good to see you back here ! :slight_smile:


Good to hear you’re back bro !! Be strong & have a good recovery :v: :wink:


Damn, its true that the biggest kicks always come when you are down, but just remember you will be getting up dusting yourself off and kicking ass again, stay bulletproof and walk like ya 9ft tall bro. :wink:

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Bro I’m sorry to hear you’ve had such a rough time. Hope you’re healing well - both physically and mentally.


You fucking legend!! :wink::metal:t2::muscle:t2:

And hey…if you ever wanna get away come visit Oz and we’ll tear it up! :call_me_hand:t2:


Sorry to hear you’ve been having it a lot more rougher than normal dude.

You know what they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Wishing you a full and speedy recovery!

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damn dude, get well soon!

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Sorry to hear you had a hell of time, but glad to hear you’re better!

Time to clear the cobwebs and shred!

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Thanks my Friends Feel your Love guys, really nice. Yeah like Phonix from the ashes, rise :grin:

Recovery is good, starting with Reha Sports this week. Ortheses is history Need to build up muscles again and loosen fat :joy:

Anytime anything in life will be good for something Dont loose my faith, need only some dark days to see all the light Wooow what dramatical, haha…

Hang Loose my Friends Jens


Will you still ride and make things for Trampa boards ?

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Happy to see you here again Jenso! :heart_eyes:

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If i still ride is a good question. Hardly to answer at this point. Lets talk about in 8 weeks!

If i still make things for Trampaboards is a easy question. FOR SURE ! Stop making parts is what they want with this action. NO WAY. Things getting more complicated for the customer, EU people is easy to send their excisting hangers within a week for some bucks of shipping costs. US people is better to order hanger from trampa and let them ship to my place, we will see how long they will fullfill this direct customers orders (-;

For me its all more work, have to put only one customer truck at the CNC, could machine 5 in the same time but “hey” i will do with fun :sunglasses:

But of course i´m pissed, working hard on a Helical Drive for Matrix2 with some really nice benefics. Putted my three last years in my fkn passion, eATB, always pushed Trampaboards as best base for that but in the end other mother also have nice looking daughters :joy:

Stay tuned


Good to have you back bro, feel better soon :muscle:

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Yeah… first they stop producing Hs11, wich is one of the most used deck for custom builders, and when asking trampa, you just get the usual story telling bla bla bla. Then the hole vesc 6 drama with the Escape people, and now you. They simply only want you to buy their own ugly OVERPRICED motor mounts, lipo boxes etc. , Which people can not afford. Trampa is the weirdest firm i know.

Btw. Nice to se you back… locking forward to se your new products :slight_smile:


This whole thing with Trampa’s ridiculous! Only reason I ever purchased one of their boards was after watching your YouTube videos (pretty sure I’m not the only one).


Sorry but what’s the problem experienced by E-TOXX with TRAMPA? I must have missed something…

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