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Metal top trucks for the matrix hanger with dual motor wire routing :drooling_face:… erm yes please.


Second that


I should start a Kickstarter :stuck_out_tongue: All I need is a CNC machine.


It’s called Matrix Pro rear trucks no ? I can mount my trampa spring trucks hanger on all matrix 1 and pro trucks and I suppose Matrix base plate from trampa go on all matrix 1, pro or trampa hanger (with a bit of adaptation). (I just downgrade to the Matrix 1 with the big bearing support against the cheap plastic piece that brake. But for sure the Metal top trucks for the matrix hanger looks better. I like that I can’t deform it for all the time after a big shock …

matrix 2. I think many are having issues with the turning radius of the spring trucks. I personally decided against matrix 2 due to the plastic top truck.

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I can’t find any “Matrix pro” trucks/parts for sale, i have been looking for many a moon, all out of stock for sometime on any of the sites im aware of.

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I just Ordered I on the 17th so I can make clamps for my motor mounts from ATBshop , not sure if they have more in stock.

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picking it up at a FedEx location this afternoon.

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I have seen them recently on there but this happens when i hit add to cart, but there is no option selection!!mbsprotruck Guess i should contact them, pretty lazy on my part if its just a glitch! :flushed:

Sorry my bad I order the 2

I mean if u are looking for the 1st matrix trucks MBS has them in stock rn… that’s the trucks in your screenshot


The matrix 2 are never in stock but they say the ETA is 8/6 so


What a bummer!

Like nobody else I can’t understand what’s going on because you are the one who pushes Trampa with your beautiful builds and products which is extra money for them, I would call it win-win. I’m not sure if they realize that builders are highly inspired by people like you, guess why I have 2 Trampa boards.

I really like your decision about e-toxx and wish you all the best. You put so much love and passion in what you do, that’s really unique. I mean you design it, machine it and do hardcore testing with all your products until they are bulletproof. I’ve received some parcels from you so far and these are the best protected parcels I’ve ever received, trust me! They would survive a fall from a skyscraper, it’s great how you are bedding your babies.

Also I want to mention that the prices are not that high as it seems at first sight. There is so much work and material involved. I know the pictures of your DD thread, remember the massive POM block before milling the housing, what a waste of material couldn’t believe it. If the products would be available in an external shop (via distribution) the prices would be minimum 2-3 times higher and nobody could afford it anymore.

It seems like I own one of your last machined Infinity hangers which you had in stock. Unfortunately it is too much bent and even with 3mm bushings it’s not a nice fit. I tried to get it replaced but Trampa refused it because it is already machined.

It wasn’t my intention to write this much, basically I just wanted to say welcome back, you are on the right way bro! :sunglasses:


Did you ask for a replacement under warranty or did you simply want to purchase a spare?

@nowind Good to hear you’re recovering and in good spirits despite these life challenges. You’ll come back stronger and better. :muscle:

And sorry to hear about your dealings with Trumpa. They are digging a nice hole to eventually bury themselves in. But, it’s about time you come back from the dark side and start making parts for MBS. They are the true originators of mountain boarding anyway.

And for your first new MBS project, you should design a beefy aluminum baseplate for the Matrix 2 trucks. I think that would be a hit.


Yes, wanted to get a hanger replaced which I bought machined from e-toxx. After purchase I told @Nowind about the problem with the hanger (but the last hanger was already sold otherwise he would have replaced it). He offered me to take it back and refund me or machine a replaced hanger for free. I tried second option because this is not the fault of Jenso and should not be his problem. I don’t expect him measuring all parts with a caliper before machining :laughing: , seems like the quality control of the manufacture is not the best.

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Ah, OK. Can’t hold that against either party. Trampa needs to QC their manufacturing pipeline and it may have been possible for Jens to detect the issue prior to machining (as I understand it, he is the original buyer). Obviously, trampa is not going to replace a hanger that has been machined by a third-party. For all they know, it could have been clamped in an awfully weird manner or forces could have been applied otherwise.


Is there really a need for a upgraded matrix 2 baseplate? Has anyone ever seen or have a broken base?

I try my best to abuse those trucks but they hold up great.

In my eyes the nylon baseplate is better than any aluminium version. It is light, it is strong, it is cheap and if you have a crash that would bend your axle, only the cheap baseplate breaks.

On the matrix 1 trucks, the weld of the tube through which the kingpin runs is the weak spot. Lets see how long the matrix 1 can withstand my abuse…


The reports here mostly originate from Frank/Trampa. The story goes that those nylon baseplates will slowly become oval (around the bearing), especially the rear trucks due to the drive train. Another issue as reported is that they tend to crack during winter.

I don’t have any issues with mine, but the plastic baseplates seem to be the only perceived weak point when people talk about the Matrix 2 trucks. Although, I don’t think 99.9% of will ever manage to break one. But, it is a blingy upgrade that some will want, and could put that one argument to rest, so we can all move on from Trampa and their evil plot to take over the (eATB) world. Also, I’m sure that Trampa decks are near indestructible, but as @Arch has proven with their LaCroix board, concave, moderate flex, and less camber/arch are really what we need in our decks.


Thanks for emphasizing the “perceived”… This post almost triggered me LOL