EAGLE ONE | Carvon Single v2.5 | VESC | SCP3 (10S3P) | Nano-X Remote | Woodstock 38" | Metr.at VESC Moniter Thing

Hey everyone!

I finally got around to getting all the parts for my first electric skateboard; the EAGLE ONE.

Motor: I used the Carvon v2.5 hub motor. It has good power, relatively cheap, came with matching trucks and wheels, and best and most importantly, was in stock.

Battery: After several months of debating, I finally decided to go with the SPACE Cell Pro 3 from enertion. When looking at batteries from hobbyking, first I ran into the charging in parallel, running in series issue. Then the maintence, such as over charging, undercharging, etc. I decided on a balance charger to fix this. Then was convinced for a BMS. After that, I found out there are many BMS doubters, so I didn’t know what to do. I also had to get a voltage meter and an anti spark system. In the end, the price was about the same as the space cell. But what really ended up convincing me was the idea of a warranty, or someone to blame, not if, when I screw up :slight_smile:

ESC: I went with the VESC for the reliability. I got it from carvon, trying to stay on the cheaper side. Jerry, from carvon, also sets up the VESC for you, so that’s another plus!

Deck: Much like the VESC, I went with the cheaper option for the deck. Originally, it was going to be the 34" Quest Rorshack Bamboo Longboard, but the wheel base was too small. I liked this board since it was a smaller board, so I went with the slightly longer Woodstock Chieftain 38 Inch Longboard Deck 2016. Wheelbase is plenty long and deck is nice and firm because the SCP3 doesn’t like flex too much…

Remote: For the remote, I went with the Nano-x. It looked cool, like it would really fit my hand. This was before the whole binding incident happened, and I’m hoping this won’t affect me. Anyway, it came with the SPC3 in a package deal. I have high hopes for it!

Enclosure: I used the space cell’s enclosure because it came with the space cell. Has plenty of room for more internal components, provides decent protection against the elements, and was a great deal!

VESC Moniter Thingy: About a month ago, for the first time I saw a VESC monitor that connects to your phone, and I instantly got it. A few things to note, I know there were a few others before this one, but this was the first one I saw. It is also the only one currently with iPhone and Apple Watch support. So back to it, the metr.at thing just plugs into the VESC, and I think I will have to change a few settings around the BAM! I can see some stats on my phone! Really useful!

Anyway, I have a few parts in already, pictures of them below, and should get the rest of the parts in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

Nano-X Remote

Metr.at VESC Moniter Thingy

SPACE Cell Pro 3



Looks like a really great build. My build, which I am also in the process of getting the parts for is very similar. I went with the same motor but with Abec 11 wheels. The battery was also a difficult choice for me, but i ended up deciding to build my own 12s1p battery using A123 26650 cells. I also got the VESC from Jerry, but instead got the remote from diyelectricskateboards because with shipping it was quite a bit cheaper. They seem similar though. The ‘VESC Moniter Thingy’ looks really cool. Do you know of anyway I could buy it? I still haven’t decided on my deck but I was looking at 38 inch ones. Going to definitely check this deck out.

Looks like an awesome build overall and thanks for sharing.

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@spaso Yeah, I would definitely make my own battery pack if I had a spot welder. Maybe for the next build… if you want to get the VESC Moniter thing, you can buy a transmitter here and here is the thread about it, you can read through it to learn about the set up, that’s what I did. The deck should be arriving on Saturday, I got it on amazon. I’ll get back to you with an opinion on it!

@Esrapp21 I’m building it with a soldering iron but yeah a spot welder would make it much easier.
Thanks for the transmitter. I’ll be definitely looking forward for you opinion on the deck.

Good Luck!

I was gonna do that, but people kept telling me it would harm the cells…

soldering cells is not hard and only damages them if you dont know what ur doing

My latest build is somewhat similar. I did a Carvon v2.5, Generic wheels, Space Cell3, Ollins VESC. Different deck and I went with the Benchwheel remote. It’s an awesome setup. My Spacecell enclosure cracked. Enertion offered to replace it at no charge (just shipping), but I ended up switching to the Master Cho carbon fiber enclosure instead. The Carbon Fiber is more durable and it looks sweet albeit costing twice as much. Only thing I would recommend is swapping out the bushings that come with the Funbox trucks for double barrels. Makes for a more stable ride.

Hit me up if you run into any snags.

100% agree

Hey @Mrmoonlight,

Just saw pictures of your build on the Master Cho thread. It looks really sick. Should I just contact Master Cho if I’m interested in his enclosure? It looks amazing. Also, your deck looks really nice. How do you like it so far?


Yeah, just PM him.

Loving the deck. Has a microdrop to get you just a little lower.

Deck just came today, I’ll test it later then report back.

Ok, so…

The deck is very stiff, no flex at all. It has a pretty decent concave. The main thing though is that it is really heavy. But other than that, it is really the perfect size for me.

Ok thanks.

Good luck!!

It’s been a while but I just got a message from Jerry that the v2.5 and VESC should ship this week or early next, so hopefully I can post another update soon!

Ya he also told me that, but it has been taking a really long time. Like he origianlly told me its going to ship on January 3rd and then things keep coming up :C

Can’t wait until it comes though!

About a month ago I asked him where it was, and he said two weeks. I just asked him again and he said there were two in front of me. I’m hoping all will go as planned.

Ok, so this is a little off topic, but I got the tracking number for the Carvon order right before Presidents’ Day weekend. So I figured there wouldn’t be any business day work going on until Tuesday. It was shipped usps priority, so that means 1-3 days I think. But ever since I got the code, it hasn’t changed from “Shipping label created, usps awaiting item”. Does this mean Carvon still has it? Or does it mean it must have gotten lost in the mail? I emailed Jerry the other day but he hasn’t gotten back to me.

One of two scenarios:

  1. Carvon still has it
  2. USPS picked it up but didn’t scan it/barcode didn’t work/etc

I now have all the parts, and I will start to put them all together for the next week. For the nano-x receiver, which side does negative go in and which side for S?

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like the way you have it in the picture, the negative is toward the exterior