Earthwing supermodel double drop + special battery enclosure (sold)

Price and location?

Let’s see, the price online is 138 eur for the deck and 85 eur for the enclosure. So 95 eur for the deck and 60 for the enclosure (155 eur + shipping). Location Czechia. It is like 9 or 10 months old but it’s never been used. Except for once at the beginning to see if 6 inch AT wheels could be used, just had a few tries in the living room. This is not a deck for big AT wheels as I found out :slight_smile: Where are you from If interested…?

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prvni druhy

Interested, but likely priced out due to shipping to US. But the answers to these questions should help the sale.

Have you drilled any holes? Has the enclosure been mounted?

Does it come with Haribo? :wink:

No no holes, enclosure only has been mounted as in the picture, that is with a fastening belt. So everything is untouched, undrilled. Shipping to US might be expensive and also you will have to pay customs and crap… :frowning: Sorry I ate the Haribo :slight_smile: