Easy Carver | Single 6374 Motor | Vesc | 10S | Trucks & Mount Torqueboards

Hey dudes! Having lurked on the forum for a while, I thought I’d post about my first build.

I wanted something pretty quick and easy to put together so I could get out and ride the thing as soon as possible… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Starting out with 2 5 amp hour 20c lipos in series, but hoping to get something with more capacity when I get the cash together. (Let me know if anyone can recommend a decent battery builder in the UK. I looked into getting a spot welder etc to build my own, but came to the conclusion I don’t have the time or space to do it.)

Deck is Ridge Skateboards from Amazon. Seems good to me.

Motor, mount, vesc, trucks and wheels all torqueboards.

Enclosure is a plant pot that I cut down and strapped to the board with some 50mm Velcro straps. Inspiration was from someone else on the forum. I’ll update the post with a credit to him when I find his post. :+1:

This seems like a pretty good solution to me for lipos as its super quick to whip the batteries out to balance charge.

Voltmeter is just a cheapo one from amazon, but does the job and looks pretty cool, in my opinion.

In terms of future updates, I reckon I may add a second motor at some point (although I’m amazed by the speed & torque this little motor is giving me - hit 27 mph today, which is plenty fast enough for me! ) and as I mentioned before, I’m going to upgrade the battery first I think, although the speed and range I’m getting with the 2 lipos is pretty good so far.

Finally I just wanted to say THANKS to all the amazing info posted on this forum. I’m stoked with the board I’ve put together and am blown away by how fast it is. I did an 8 mile round trip to pick something up on my lunch break today which would have been impossible to achieve in 1 hour by car due to the traffic in my town. I had time to stop for coffee and had a blast along the way.

Electric transport like this is the future! :+1::rocket::+1:




Looks super clean bro! Pretty similar to my build actually


Should incorporate a BMS


Thanks for sharing! Nice and tidy build! Good luck in the future!

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Thanks for sharing this mate similar to my first excursion into esk8 I re-purposed an old lead acid fiik with two lipos a mamba max esc and a 6368 brushless. I loved it. Nearly killed me a few times but I loved it!


Cheers for the comments guys… I think an upgraded battery with BMS is definitely on the cards Matt…

Plenty of room for enhancements, which makes a self build so much more satisfying than just going out and buying a board.

Sun is out so I feel another lunch break ride is in order :grin:

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That right there is spot on.

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Electric transport ftw!!

That is the best way to secure an enclosure imo. I haven’t drilled any holes in my redember deck yet beacause i’m considering that same keep kind of setup.

Simplicity! Nice build :+1:

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