Easy Custom Deck options?

One of my favorite things to search for online is skateboard decks. I’m always looking for that perfect combination of features that will suit my riding style and the particular type of board I’m looking to build. With Muirskate’s pending demise (and their near total lack of inventory), I was feeling a bit frustrated in my search for a new deck for the mid-range dual board I’ve been planning. Long story short, I’ve decided to give a custom deck a try.

Ive heard of a few options for custom decks, but I opted to give Drang customs a try…mostly because I built single belt drive board for my son using the Drang Dasher 37 and it’s by far the most comfortable eskate deck I’ve ever used. The only issue I have with the Drasher 37, is the small kick tail, which can be addressed via custom order.

Here is my order.

I’ll upload a pic of the board once I receive it.

If anyone is interested in ordering a board from them, the link is here. https://dranglongboards.ecwid.com/#!/Customize-Geometry-Materials-Colors/c/4051191

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Finally finished my build with this custom deck. imageimageimage


I really like that deck. Measurements ?

37 inches long x 10 inches wide




I might have to give that site a try. Board looks great. Kicktail is a must for me.

Sweet setup, that deck looks good :ok_hand:t3: How are the new orangatangs?

Do it! Be advised, the custom deck will take several weeks from the time you order until it’s shipped. So worth it though. This deck is awesome. You can configure it pretty any way you want with any color

New Otangs are noticeably softer than the Kegels. I’m digging them

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this looks fantastic

no wheelbite with Cags in the back?

Thanks! No wheel bite, but it was close with 1/4 inch riser. I was running a riptide chubby boardside in the rear, but then I added another 1/4 and swapped to double barrels and it has plenty of clearance.

Ronins!!! I absolutely love these trucks on this board. The way they carve while being totally stable on center is magic. Huge upgrade over caliber 2. image

Took some effort, but with @marcmt88 help I was able to fit dual 6355 with the cronins on this deck using the existing enclosure.


I agreed, totally awesome truck not to mention at high speed too. Too bad they are no longer available. :frowning_face: